After the first year establishing ERA mainly as a network for the teachers from March 2006 on at this position links are added which might help students to find traineeships or grants if they decide to go abroad. Last but not least step-by-step a market-place for jobs will be built.

AIESEC, the world's largest student organisation, is in the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential so as to have a positive impact on society.
Annually AIESEC exchanges over 3.500 students and runs about 350 conferences. Speaking to AIESEC in Finland in 2008 Nobel Laureate Martti Ahtisaari recalled his time as an exchange in the early 1960's; Anibal Cavaco Silva elected 2006 as the new Portuguese President is an AIESEC alumnus who was during his student-time involved in the expansion of AIESEC in Brazil and Africa. Prof.Dr.Bernd Hallier, founder of ERA, was AIESEC-exchange to Turkey, Israel and South Africa.
Selected students meet in Germany in Hof/Saale and Frankfurt /Main and go for excursions to Budapest, Warsaw, Moscow; some students will work as trainees in partner-companies.

One of the most successful German job boards, over 1.9 million job offers available in Germany and abroad. Applicants can deposit their CV to Jobbörse free of charge and automatically receive specially adapted job, training and internship offers by email. In collaboration with the European research portal, EURAXESS, enables job seekers to find exciting jobs and internships in Germany and abroad.
AEGEE is the abbreviation of ?association des ?tat g?n?raux des ?tudiants de l?Europe ; it was founded in 1987, AEGEE is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe; it is represented by 15.000 students in 40 countries all around Europe. Its fields of action are Cultural Exchange, Active Citizenship, Higher Education, Peace and Stability. AEGEE has no national level, but was organized in the beginning of 2006 via 241 academic cities. cover advice for applications as well as traineeships for example in Dubai, Chile, France, Great Britain, USA, Spain.
This page covers traineeships worldwide as well as language ?training etc.
The Southern African Development Community (SADC) was founded in 1992. 14 countries from Africa are participating in that traineeship-program.
Jobguide Praktikum from Germany offers traineeships as well as jobs. Via this link the user can also reach vacancies at the German cities. was founded 1998 by two students looking for a traineeship.
The ?Verein f?r Hochschulkontakte? promotes the interaction between universities/students and business

Monash University International Scholarships are supporting international students.
The DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst/German Academic Exchange Service) supports and promotes all areas relating to science, research, language, teaching.
DAAD has five goals: to promote German language and studies abroad, to internationalise the higher education institution, educational cooperation with developing countries, scholarships for Germans, scholarships for foreigners.
The DAAD main offices are located in Bonn, Germany, and there are branch offices in Berlin, Beijing, Cairo, Hanoi, Jakarta, London, Mexico City, Moscow, Nairobi, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo. There are also some 40 DAAD Information Centers worldwide, which support the work of the Bonn headquarters and of the various regional branch offices.
The Franco-German Youth Office - FGYO - (Office franco-allemand pour la Jeunesse/ Deutsch-Franz?sisches Jugendwerk) was created in 1963 to promote the co-operation between France and Germany, and especially the understanding between French and German young people. The FGYO provides intercultural learning, helps young people (grants, subsidies, etc.) and transfers the franco-german experience to other countries. Files of activities: youth exchanges, training and language courses, study trips, vocational, school and university exchanges, etc. Target groups: French and Germans mainly (generally 18-30 years)
Leonardo da Vinci Program: promoted by the EU the national education in the member-countries is promoted by exchanges, international networks and analyses. Students can apply for financial help for traineeship.
Sokrates/Erasmus: promoted by the EU financial help can be received for transnational Bachelor- and Master-programs.
InWEnt (Internationale Weiterbildung and Entwicklung) is a German based large-scale joint undertaking of the German Federal Government, the federal state (L?nder)-governments and industry. InWEnt works with partners in developing countries, transition states and industrialised nations.
InWEnt is Germany's agency for the EU's Socrates and Leonardo Da Vinci (Mobility) programs and the implementing unit for four bilateral programs with the Netherlands, Great Britain, Norway and Israel, as well as acting as the national liaison office for the EU's Study Visits Programs.
The FES (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung) was founded 1925 by the German social democrat Friedrich Ebert who was the first German president after the First World War.
German students can apply on all events of studies (BA/MA(PhD). Furtheron each year 40 persons from Africa, Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe are accepted for grants.
The Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung was founded in 1958 and is named after the German liberal politician Friedrich Naumann and supported by the German Party FDP. The FNSt is guided by the principles of Liberalism and its message of tolerance and acceptance of diversity.
The FNSt has regional offices among others in Latin America, Africa, the Mediterranean Countries and Central- and Eastern Europe. Mainly FNSt is supporting a total-study-career within Germany, but lately studies and projects are also promoted abroad.
Austrian Database for scholarships and research grants
The German "Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung" was founded in Munich in 1966. Hanns Seidel had been in 1946 one of the founding fathers of the Bavarian political party CSU. From 1947-1954 he had been Bavaria's Minister of Economics and from 1957-1960 Bavaria's Prime Minister.
In 1973 the HSS established its Institute for International Relations and Cooperation, in 1977 a developing aid project started in Togo, in 1981 a scholarship program was established with the People's Republic of China, in 1990 the involvement in Eastern Europe started with Hungary - through 1994 further 11 countries in Central and Eastern Europe were added. In 2004 the international liaison agencies in Washington, Brussels, Moscow and Berlin were directly subordinated to the Munich management.
In fullfilment of its target to assist young and highly qualified foreign academics especially from Third World countries up till now HSS provided assistance to more than 1.370 scholars from 71 countries.
The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. is named after the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. It has 60 offices abroad and is engaged at the moment in 200 projects in 120 countries.
The "Future Managers" Club - an original idea of how to apply the learning knowledge at the economic and social life - promotes and implements a new type of education between students of A.S.E. Bucharest, based on scientific research and self development, in perfect harmony within Bologna Declaration. The Club mission is to help students to ?learn and act Big?, and harmonize their personal and professional development with the requirements of the European knowledge-based society. Bringing together people aimed by the will to build a real partnership between business, school and research, the Club helps the members to understand that future profit is learnt today, together with the secrets of the contribution management prior to the recognition of being good managers.
The National German Agency for Education in Europe promotes Leonardo da Vinci, Sokrates, E-Learning, Bologna-Process, projects and initiatives to learn languages.
International projects of the Austrian Exchange Service
The Manchester Metropolitan University Business School offers grants for Doctoral Programmes as well as for MAs and BAs . The grants are aimed at applicants from EU countries. A number of them are leading to the award of Doctor of Philosophy.
That Homepage is a survey about studies, traineeships, grants and jobs for students with many interesting links even for health insurance etc.
Stiftung Goldener Zuckerhut (Golden Sugar Cane) was established by the German magazine ?Lebensmittelzeitung?. Each year in autumn young people working in the food sector (industry or retail , whole sale) are selected by a jury for subsidiaries (upto 5000 Euro each) for their further education.
In autumn 2002 students of the Technical University of Dresden/Germany founded their own organisation to help financially by personal contribution projects of the university - for example longer opening-hours of their library, a CAD-Computer animation.
The "Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes/The German National Merit Foundation" was founded in 1925. It is an institution supported largely by the German government that grands competitive scholarships among them foreign studies programs and summer academies.
Awards are made after a multi-stage selection process and are based on grades, specialized exams, letters of recommendation, personality and character, and interviews with staff and affiliates of the foundation. The "Studienstiftung" serves the student elite in Germany.
Via this link study-opportunities in Asia are promoted
International studies in the spirit of Dag Hammarskj?ld - giving peace a chance
Fit for abroad. This homepage is for the support of the mobility of the trainees and young skilled workers across the borders

Trinity International School of Tourism Management in Crete/Greece offers scholarships for gifted individuals to obtain an university level education at an English speaking institution and to pursue later a managerial career in tourism industry.
wiwi-online promotes students, which have passed their exams with 1.9 (German system) or better. If they fulfil this precondition plus foreign experience, social activities and the proof of a good carrier-plan those students could be promoted very individually by the talents-program. One of its network-activities of this promotion is to get the CV published in the wiwi-talents book.
Annually the Wirichs Foundation is promoting a research project of a German student by 10,000 Euro.
At our Austrian partner Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration young people especially from Central-and Eastern Europe are promoted by JOSZEF-Program
German Youth for Unterstanding Komitee (YFU) supports the youth people to spend the exchange year in Eastern Europe

Jobs: is an employment search engine for Belgium
Jobs at the EU, OECD and Nato can be found at this homepage.
From second part of February 2006 on wards the State Agencies for jobs from all 25 EU-countries provide via "Eures" in the internet an overview of open jobs. By this online-research all through Europe the EU wants to promote international careers.
Jobs at the EU, OECD and Nato can be found at this homepage.
Jobs and Careers in the New Energy Industry
is a link for students of vocational training connecting information about jobs, training but also fun for this target group
Jobfair is a 3D online-fair for students, young professionals and companies.
Yourfirm is a job site with the job offers of highly successsful, but unknown companies (Hidden Champions) in Germany
Jobguide shows 100 benchmark-companies and their offers for traineeships and jobs ? organized in 8 city-guides
JobsinHubs - Provides easy access to professional English language jobs in Europe.
Jobsurfer provides for young people the possibility to get to know a first impression of different professions.
Job portal in Germany
Vocational training by Migros
General job market for professionals in over 8,000 jobs
enables the contact between companies in the retailing industry and high potential students seeking a career in retailing
Russia belongs to the top-markets of economic growth and needs therefore experienced staff in many fields is a German Portal for jobs but offers also help concerning all questions about jobs and carrieres. is a portal for students and graduates looking for traineeships or the first job.
The China Supply Chain Council (CSCC) launched SupplChainJobs to provide employers and carreer seekers with an electronic recruitment tool specifically for supply chain professionals.

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