01.04.2023 : Disruptions + Digitalization

"Since 2020 - starting with Covid - the world has been hit by an unknown accumulation of major disruptions on the Macro-level often with effects for the different Economic Sectors or on individual companies. True in this context is that from the global view the Awareness of each crisis is evaluated by own criteria - which might be the local impact of the Climate Change, the history of Migration , the fear of War." Prof.Dr.B.Hallier explained at the start of an ERA-Research-project. "We want to see if we can cluster the problems according to World Regions." The participation is open for Universities or Applied Sciences which are cooperating with the Total Supply Chain : the connection to the Survey is possible by a click at the QR-Code within the Survey-Teaser or by a click at survey".

Painting by August Macke
"The second part of the Survey is checking in how far at the Micro-level Digitalization has been pushed in those years of Crises. Those results should inspire the ERA-University Chairs to initiate BA, MA and PhD workshops or to think over potential EU-projects as a platform for cross-country exchanges" Hallier is proposing to his colleagues. "Last but not least this will be in summer 2023 also the focus of our Second ERA-Webinar" .

25.03.2023 : Reshaping Economic Policies

In the theory of Economics the optimization of work-processes are based for the Mikro-level on Adam Smith/Alois Schumpeter and at the Macro-level for the national/international exchange of products/services on David Ricardo/Michael Porter. That longstanding view had been enriched in the last 50 years by adding into Economic Policies the key-words of Ecology and Ethics ( see also Bernd Hallier : the Global House of Harmony).

Painting by August Macke
This Trio of economic targets was based on growing confidence in the Internationalization of the Globe after the break-down of the Wall between East and West and the spirit/illusion of "common values" among the political leaders to have learnt the lessons of World War II and disruptions between the nations , Prof.Dr.B.Hallier explained to a panel of students in a lecture . That spirit of the last 30 years which brought a worldwide increase of the Wealth of Nations was disrupted by the Russian invasion of the Ukraine in February 2022. By this action all frights of geopolitical power-plays like in the times of the Cold War between East and West have been reactivated, Hallier said. "It goes far beyond the Russian/Ukraine conflict and kicked-off a global new hype to look for national Self-Reliance on the level of nations/cluster of nations or also in the Boards of International Companies." Hallier explained decisions about investment-policies of companies and countries in 2023."Like home-office at the Corona Pandemy now home-investment instead of investment in foreign countries becomes a credo which will have a great influence at least in the next 10 to 30 years" Hallier believes. "Self-Reliance and the Acceptance of Diversity in the political and cultural dialogue instead of the past credo in common global ethical standards will be the challenge for Academia and Politics to stabilize the balance of the targets of Economic Policies in the future" Hallier concluded "The scope has become much more complex than in the last 30 years".

15.03.2023 : Sustainable Communication

For Prof.Dr.B.Hallier the Branding of Exhibitions or Events is always based on Sustainable Communication and Early Planning. "Within EuroShop 2023 we already advertise for EuroShop 2026 our trianual Brand-Umbrella and for the annual Special Show EuroCIS in 2024. Both dates confirm also the February to be blocked for our Customers and Visitors" Hallier said after the 2023 Show on anout 100.000 squaremeters net exhibition area with exhibitors from 55 countries.

Painting by August Macke
For Prof.Hallier the mega event EuroShop always reflects also the Macro-Economic big trends."At EuroShop 1990 the German Reunification with its first German/German Trade Expert meeting kicked off a 30 years growth cycle going far beyond Germany and leading to a global Growth of National Incomes in many countries. Now that upswing has changed since last year to a downswing. Beside the War in the Ukraine we have an Accumulation of worsening Macro Parameters : Retail still fights with the results of Covid onto the total supply chain , increasing costs due to scarce energy in the West, Great Migration waves , a global warming up of the Climate , higher prices for food" Hallier listed some of those problems. "But EuroShop 2023 showed already the Innovation Power of Retail and Suppliers ! The Darwinism within the Wheel of Retail creates a lot of new visions and business models" Hallier concluded his many talks "Also EuroShop 2026 will be again part of solutions for those challenges as our TeamWork enables us to create a lot of new tools for the Future. Applied Sciences is one of those frames bridging new Knowledge and daily Business".

05.03.2023 : Review 1990

In October 1989 in Germany the peaceful revolution of reunification started - but till autumn 1990 being still within the frame of two independant States. The Trade University (Handelshochschule) Leipzig contacted Prof.Dr.Hallier and at January 6th 1990 Hallier with collegues from the trade magazin LebensmittelPraxis visited for the first time officially for two days the VEB Ökonomisches Forschungsinstitut in East Berlin which was the DDR-Research coordination of the East German trade organizations HO, Konsum and Intershop. As one of the results of those talks Hallier invited a delegation from the VEB under its leader Prof.Dr.Klaus Wenzel and a group of Professors from Leipzig to visit the trade exhibition EuroShop.

Painting by August Macke
"It immediately became clear for me that Leipzig as the East German monopoly of exhibitions saw this as a political high-ranking opportunity to make contacts for urgently needed innovations within the trade-sector" Hallier reflects the reception of the East German delegation "I therefore invited also Herbert Schlömann from the Ministry of Economics in Bonn for our first informal talks at the fair ground" (see also pic from dynamic im handel, 3/90, page 49). "It is surely worth to be mentioned that it was then an initiative of EHI and partners like BBE or HDE and others as well as from the East German VEB to create a German/German Beirat (a kind of consulting team) which was backed by the West German Ministry of Economics and the East German Trade Ministry - but which in principle was driven by human beings in a cluster from the two sides without having any budget for actions as the speed of transformation was much quicker than the regular meetings for example of our EHI Board Meetings " Hallier remembers. "At February 1990 nobody of us thought that it would take only about another half year that we would be united within one German State. But it is a wunderful example for a very creative mix/result with the parameters Uncertainty in Macro-Economics , Entrepreneurial Spirit of Individuals and Fair Grounds as a potential Back Stage for meetings between Players from different Sides with a really great impact on the history of a Country and even beyond its borders. There was no business plan - and in a review more than 30 years later it has to be admitted that a lot of ideas could not be realized : but we used the Challenge to contribute our part within a Civil Society" Hallier concluded.

25.02.2023 : CZ Summit 2023

"In November 1989 a Czech/Slovak delegation under the leadership of Prof.Jiri Jindra visited the EHI in Cologne and we agreed to invite a team to visit EuroShop 1990 and to start a RoundTableWorkshop at the VSE University in Prague to discuss how a social market economy works" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier remembers the first steps of cooperation. "As a parallel to our EHI Annual Conference/Tag des Handels our colleagues in Prague organized the Conference Goldener Dukat" he added.

Painting by August Macke
"As a next step Prof.Jindra - backed by a team of Tomas Krasny/Dr.Barbora Krasna and Dr.Tomas Drtina (all three at that time as partners of Incoma) - kicked off the CZ Retail Summit as a platform for Applied Sciences of Retail/Wholesale based on three pillars : the VSE University + its Academic partners, the newly founded Confederation of Commerce and Tourism, experts from the national Government/Administration. Furtheron sponsors had been involved from the start on - which were exhibiting at the lobby of the Conference Hotels" Hallier describes the retail event which today is the greatest show of its kind in Central Europe. In 2023 in March 28-30th more than 1.000 partipants , 85 speakers and 60 commercial partners are expected to attend according to the preliminary program :see It is worth mentioning in that context that in 2006 Prof. Jindra became the first personality being honoured by the ERA-Hall of Fame while Prof.Hallier got awarded in 2011 by a dr. honoris causa degree of the VSE Prague in an outstanding academic ceremony (see YouTube VSE Prague).

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