25.06.2021 : Covid + Cocooning

"The Covid-Waves result in the US and Europe in lock-downs of fashion-shops; no sales in the affluent society results to zero-production in the developing countries ; which means no income and hunger" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier explains in a lecture about the global effects. "Additionally consumer habits in Europe have changed due to home-office in 2020/2021 : people improved their homes and gardens - cocooning gets a revival ! This has promoted DIY and furniture-businesses"


"Another target-group of spending in the affluent society are pets which are getting an increased share of attention during the Covid-isolation as social partner as the alternative for human beings ! Within a radius of 300 meters in the well-off Cologne-suburb Roesrath/Germany a new cluster of pet-food, pet-tools,pet-beauty and vet for pets opened new outlets !" For Prof.Hallier this is another important sign for the widening gap of spending power and targeting in the global society.

13.06.2021 : Strength of India

„India has changed tremendously in the last fifty years : having seen students learning in Delhi at night using the light of electrical lamps at public places in 1973 because they did not have it at home – India has become in the last twenty years one of the world’s leading resources for IT-specialists whose services are used by the internet as a tool globally around the world. By its GNP and by Sector Competences like IT all India has moved from the status „developing country“ towards high ranks of G-global. Having taken part for several years in the Indian Retail Forum (IRF) in Mumbai and getting to know entrepreneurs like Kishore Biyani from the Future Group and his competitors the author of this contribution knows how powerful Indian companies have become and how Indian Business Schools and Universities have contributed to the excellent performance of those entities.“ Prof.Dr.Hallier says on the occasion of the Annual International Seminar in New Dehli.


„On the other hand, travelling through India shows that the different regions have their own cultural approaches and tastes – and that a uniform behaviour cannot be expected all over such a SubContinent. This fragmentation is part of the charm of India (like the different mix of curries) but in times of pandemics like Covid 19 sometimes more central power could lead to more efficiency. But judging long-run perspectives like Consumption 2050 also myths and religions play an important role: even death is seen in India as part of a new start into the eternity of a never-ending cycle of lives. And exactly this mentality might be the Strength of India despite all the present problems of Covid 19. Buying shares at the Stock Exchange my advice would be: Buy now at falling prices – because India has still a bright future to come !“ More about India: (link)

03.06.2021 : Tracing & Tracking

In 1994 at the outbreak of the British Cow Desease (BSE) international health authorities expected that in the UK upto 10.000 people could be killed by Creutzfeld Jacob virus in that pandemic at that time. As meat was traded cross-border without resources marked a team of Prof.Dr.B.Hallier designed and tested an anti-crisis system of tracing & tracking for cows and beef (Read More).


"In Germany due to our political federal constitution food security is linked to the administration of our 16 counties " Prof.Hallier explained."Furtheron there had been no electronic data banks in neither county" he added. "Due to our retail competences and knowledge about bar-coding systems our team designed the EHI-label for tracing and tracking and we created together with the agribusiness a joint venture with the name ORGAINVENT to demonstrate that our ideas for applied sciences could work in reality. By those actions and permanent PR the EU took our design of ear-marking for cows as a compulsory EU-regulation. By this procedure we wrote historically an unique law case as due to the decision in Brussels also the German Central Authorities could act and advise the 16 counties to take action to be in harmony with the EU-Regulation" Hallier explained.

28.05.2021 : Progressing Digitally

"The Covid pandemic has changed Academic Conferences of our ERA-partners tremendiously" Prof.Dr.Hallier stated quoting two upcoming events in India and Croatia. The Delhi School of Professional Studies and Research (DSPSR) affiliated to GGS Indraprastha University is organizing its XXIII Annual International Seminar in June 12/13th as Online Conference in collaboration with WSG University in Bydgoszcz /Poland (more at).


The BLMM2021 Conference is again organized by the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek (Faculty of Economics) / Croatia. "Logistics is one of the innovators in the Covid pandemic and will be one of the most important keys in competition. I am thrilled to see the incoming proposals" Prof.Dr.Hallier said as a comment for the Call for Papers.

20.05.2021 : Imaginations/Dreams

The period of Student Life is for Prof.Dr.Hallier not only a time for learning but also to create as a young person dreams/imaginations: "It s a period of self-determined shaping the own personality: we have multiple choices to spend our time on different research fields and vocational skills: I did choose macro-economics with the special of developing countries as this was one of the big topics of the 68' generation of the last century" Hallier reflects his studies. "Therefore I also joined the student organization of AIESEC which created traineeships with companies at home for foreign students - and on a reciprocal basis we could go abroad - getting to know more about our target-countries" Hallier explained his traineeships and cultural trips of the summer-vacations 1968-1973 to Turkey, Israel, USA, South Africa and Japan. In the 70ies AIESEC as a student volunteer-organization exchanged about 5.000 students to 50 countries worldwide.


"On our 1973-trip to Japan we passed on the way to Tokyo on the south route coral islands in the Pacific Ocean and on the way home via Anchorage/Alaska the ice of the North Pole: our student band played Jazz life during the flights and we had free access to the cockpit of the plane! We were empowered by our challenges and had the feeling we could rock the whole world" Prof.Hallier remembers that time "Now in 2020/21 the big impact on student life is Corona and its lockdowns for studies, traineeships and job-opportunities! This will hit us mentally at least for one decade: because the damages for the souls and characters will be long-lasting" Prof.Hallier concludes his experiences and observations.

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