05.10.2021 : ISAB Budweis

The Faculty of the University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice/CZ has established an International Scientific Advisory Board . The first members being appointed are the professors H.Pernsteiner/Austria, B.Hallier/Germany, L.Sdrolias/Greece, Z.Bacsi/Hungary, R.Miura/Japan, A.Skibimski/Poland and E.Horska/Slovakia.


Prof.Dr.B.Hallier has been teaching in Budweis periodically after the transformation of the Czech Republic. In 2009 his Budweis-Students created the see page after a crash course about city marketing . Budweis University also took part with three students sailing in an international workshop of Prof.Dr.Hallier with the tall-ship Kruzenshtern from Kaliningrad/Russia via the Skagarak to Bremerhaven/Germany. The focus was beside speaking English and acting in an international team also character-building by climbing the masts of the boat or to build an emergency-team for the case of SOS.

30.09.2021 : Innovation Catalyst

The success of the "Duesseldorfer Pallet" in 1985/86 was for the ISB (later transformed to the DHI Deutsches Handelsinstitut) the start for sustainable packaging and logistics competences. Testimonials for DHI-Innovations came from companies like Chep, Coca Cola, the Corrugated Industry, Kaufland-Group, Krings and Metro as well as from the German Federal Minister for the Environment Prof.Dr.Klaus Töpfer. Trade had been positioned by ISB/DHI initiatives to be seen by the public as a driver for innovation for the Total Supply Chain.


For Prof.Dr.Hallier as the managing director of ISB/DHI at that time the accumulation of innovative micro-economic processes to increase efficiency/productivity is finally resulting in the macro-economic growth of the Wealth of Nations. "It is not always a big thought breaking the routine - needed for the success of Applied Sciences and connected Businesses but the sustainable process of permanent innovation in the daily operations which makes the difference of companies : Retail is Detail !" Hallier summarizes the international success of the German discounters Aldi and Lidl.

20.09.2021 : Duesseldofer Pallet

Becoming managing director of the Institute for Self-Sevice ( ISB later DHI /EHI) in the beginning of 1985 B.Hallier's first innovation-project was the Duesseldorf Pallet : a standardized half-size Euro-Pallet. "The initiator in that logistics-team was Walter Vieth - one of the first ALDI-managers and totally fixed on quick turnover and low costs" Prof.Dr.Hallier remembers."Also for this technical development we used the push and pull-strategy for market introduction : in the beginning of 1986 the magazine Pack Report estimated already 120.000 of our pallets in circulation in Germany".


"The name derived from the location of our agreement with retailers about this tool of rationalization : a pub in Duesseldorf ! The key for the success was the idea + team for getting volume by integrating as many retailers as possible : Applied Sciences is a combination of Innovation and Motivation " Hallier summarized. About 5 years later the Chep-pool supported the renting of the ISB/EHI pallet in connection with the new German environmental focus : Chep claimed to save per year 200.000 tons of waste in the Total Supply Chain by this multi-trip pallet.

03.09.2021 : Digital Academic Publications

"Prof.Dr.Theodor Purcarea from the Romanian American University (RAU) in Bucarest is already for years within the group of ERA-professors by the digital publication of Holistic Marketing Managemet the pioneer for modern social media cross-border" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier stated in an evaluation of changes in University Life of the last years due to Corona "So he earns not only that reputation but also that one of mastering the Covid challenges quicker than others".


"Additionally he became a bridge-builder in Romania for applied sciences due to his MAGAZINE published digitally for the Romanian Distribution Committee" Hallier added. "The Volume 12/2/Issue 2/2021 shows excellently the inter-connectivity of knowledge exchange with the Association of Faculties of Economics in Romania (AFER) as well as with the Total Supply Chain".

28.08.2021 : Traditions & Visions

While according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier at school and for the BA-degree mainly "learning" is essential - for MA and PhD degrees the "inspiration" is becoming the main factor for success. Human Intelligence differs to AI in the additing of "emotio" to the input of "ratio". In a review about the history of the European Retail Academy he focused two events where emotions of "tradition" influenced the success story of the ERA-researchers. "The academic life-style of behaviour plus architecture of the Templeton College impressed our study group at the invitation of Prof.Dr.Ross Davies (see also Hall of Fame 2008) in Oxford very much" Prof.Hallier remembers "The flair/ spirit loci united our international expert team and became a driver of our team-spirit."

"A similar thrill was created at the Annual Meeting in 2011 at the award-ceremony of the VSE Prague by the Gaudeamus Igitur of the student chorus, the fanfares and the robes of the participating professors " (see YouTube VSE Prague)."Suddenly it was not just a meeting as an activity at that day - but the feeling was created that the audience had been part of a long string in a historical process : which again became a source of inspiration/vision for the development of future tasks - Especially in the disruptions by Corona it becomes obvious how much such interpersonal feelings are missed as a stimulus for the present student-community being limited to digital events" Prof. Hallier concluded.

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