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20.08.2020 : The Art of Living

For more than 2000 years in philosophy the topic "The Art of Living" is discussed - now due to the disruptions of daily life due to Corona it becomes a topic for all those normal people whose traditional life/business is challenged.

In 2015 the Bulgarian exchange student Nora Tineva (Link) visited the Open Days Showcase of the Alanus University / Germany where the master class of art therapists presented their cases. Uptill now her YouTube was clicked more than 1100 times.

30.07.2020 : In memoriam of Jari Koivumaa

After a short illness in the end of July 2020 one of the greatest contributors for continuous exchanges of students for vocational training between Finland and Germany - Jari Koivumaa - has passed away.

" This photo - taken in my library in December 2018 - reminds me symbolically how I will personally remember Jari as a bridge-builder for a joint peaceful European Education of the young generation being in harmony with the whole world" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier stated receiving the sad news. More at the link of REDU.

15.4.2020 : Support from Bulgaria

For a second time the EUCVOT/ERA Team will be supported by the University of National and World Economy from Sofia/Bulgaria. Violena Nencheva studied there her Bachelor Studies and currently she is doing her PhD. (Linkedin: VIOLENA NENCHEVA) .

Her Master Violena did at the University of Dauphine in Paris/France. In addition, during her PhD studies she did various exchange programs at the Autonomous University of Querétaro/Mexico.

15.3.2020 : Digital Cooperative

Digitalization is a great driver for urban revitalization : bringing brick-stone business and internet together - uniting the total supply chain via IoT (Internet of Things). To profile local business and to build up digital competences for small and medium-size businesses the city of Siegen/Germany works together with the last-mile-delivery service Lozuka.

The local Chamber of Commerce and Industry sponsors the committment for a digital platform and joint delivery-services for a supermarket for organics, a butcher, a supplier of spices etc. for reasons of joint learning and ecology as well as to develop a marketing tool to profil local shopping. More than 80 people joined the exchange of experience .

02.02.2020 : FinnFriends

Being exchange-students in Germany Aleksi Kortesalmi and Jouko Miettunen from Rovaniemi continued the vocational training schedule for social media by editing three new YouTubes to the ERA-collection : "Bergisch Gladbach", "China Youtube" and "PanBalkan Initiave". Those YouTubes are also training-material to understand geopolitical aspects.


But Aleksi and Jouko also used their stay for connecting with FinnFriends : a platform of the twin-cities Odenthal & Paimio. They met exchange students visiting Bergisch Gladbach and University of Cologne as well as the Advent Celebration of FinnFriends in Odenthal.

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