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10.01.2021 : Digital CIRCLE 2021

Circle started originally as the Centre for International Research in Consumers, Locations and Environments and was a cross-faculty , pan University research unit of the Leeds Metropolitan University/UK. In 2004 it was institutionalized with annual meetings circling around the member-countries of CIRCLE INTERNATIONAL. Spiritus Rector from the beginning onwards is Prof.Dr. Claudio Vignali - supported since 2005 from the founder of the European Retail Academy: Prof.Dr.B.Hallier. In 2013 the University of Vitez/Bosnia Herzogovina was empowered for double-diploma in far-distance courses for BA, MA and PhD : one of its students Dr.Alina Pukhovskaya/Russia/Mexico

The XV!! Circle Conference will be an online event at April 8th/9th 2021 jointly been organized by Salford University/UK , Gloucestershire/UK and Vitez/BH; its title will be " A Marketing and Business Perspective" : which reflects already also the bi-polar audience of practitioners as well as academics. Contributions will be published at the International Journal of Management Cases: more.

18.12.2020 : Student Driven

Recalling the success-story of the ERA/EUCVOT-Sites in the Google Rankings Prof.Dr.B.Hallier points to the fact that never a professional agency was involved but the technical drivers are students ! The first ERA-Site in 2006 was the result of the traineeship of Hanna Krasouskaya from Minsk/BelaRus ; the design-updates later and sub-Sites have been developed by Alina Pukhovskaya from Moscow/Russia.


Now the next IT-generation is Arturo Olvera Herrera from Mexico. He studied first from 2010-2013 at the Centro de Estudios Ind.Tec to become an IT-technician, going on till 2015 to study computer sciences at the Instituto Tecnologico de Queretaro; finally becoming software engineer. Learning from Violena Nencheva about vocational traineeships within the ERA/EUCVOT network he decided to analyze the old technology and to improve it by the state of art : learning in a running system.

22.11.2020 : Longterm Inspiration

Traineeships should have two effects according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier : at the time of the ERA-/EUCVOT-traineeship it should be a mix of vocational training + culture from a foreign destination ; and secondly in the medium to long-run some impact on the own development - acting with more responsibility/entrepreneurial spirit.


Aleksi Kortesalmi from Rovaniemi in Finland had been in November/December 2019 as an exchange from his school in Germany. Having contributed already at that time quite a lot of new thinking for ERA-YouTubes now after one year he sends a small article (My Crash Course into Game Development) about new activities in the field of game development. By this Aleksi becomes a benchmark for the next exchange students.

15.10.2020 : Mentors & Platforms

According to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier one of the biggest changes at University education in the last 50 years are the mobility of students to get to know different cultures and gaining vocational competences by traineeships - and the change of professors from teachers to mentors: coaching the young talents individually ! One of those using his academic freedom to travel, to speak and to network on internation platforms is Drd. Matei Purcarea , research assistant at the Romanian - American University (RAU).


The Academic Business Partnership 2020/SCM for ECR Conference was a proof in the view of Hallier that the traditional class-room teaching has to change to understand practical business models and the new wave of digital transformation of holistic processes. "The New Knowledge in Action enables intelligent work-flows for End-to-End communication which is upgrading the Marketing Tool Box; but it needs also professors and managers who are not just executing functional roles but who are leaders of thought beyond their job-descriptions and who develop visions/missions where to go in the future!" Hallier stated. "Institutions and HR have to become more resilient against the increasing speed of disruptions which according to Darwien will let survive only those who adapt quickly" Hallier claimed.

05.09.2020 : Outdoor Work Camps

Some years ago students of the Alanus University/Germany started their own private initiative for "new thoughts by student brain-storming" - organized in work-camps during the university-vacations. This year this organization offers within Germany for example two tours combining cycling/story telling/company-visits for one week each in the regions of the Black Forest and Hessia.

In 2020 for the second time the organizers are supported also by an EU Erasmus+ program to send people to Spain for the cooperation partner Education Center Ulex. The aim of the trainings are social movement impacts and resilience ; (more: link ).

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