05.01.2020 : CZ Retail Summit

For Central Europe the annual CZ Retail Summit in the city of Prague is according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier a conference brand based on 25 years of experience. In 2019 a total of 1103 participants (among them 125 speakers) attended this outstanding event - initiated in the beginning of the transformation from socialism towards market economy. "In the 90ies the success was in the cooperation between the VSE University under the leadership of Prof.Jiri Jindra, the national Government being present sometimes with several ministers and the retailers (starting later their own Trade Association)" Hallier stated explaining this light-house which had in 2019 also 72 commercial sponsors.


The VSE Prague later became co-founder of the European Retail Academy and in 2006 Prof.Jindra was as the first personality of the Hall of Fame honoured for bringing academia, trade and government together in Central Europe (Hall of Fame). In turn in 2011 VSE Prague honoured Prof.Dr.Hallier by a Dr.h.c. in an outstanding ceremony (Award Ceremony - VSE Prague).

30.12.2019 : Social Responsibility

According to the statistics of UNHCR about 70.8 million people are refuguees; about half of them are children under the age of 18 years. For Prof.Dr.B.Hallier it is a question of Humanity to help to establish peaceful surroundings for all people for a decent life in their home-countries; but also to care for those who had to leave.


At the Art Duesseldorf exhibition/Germany he appreciated the Special Award of the Warsteiner Brewery's Partnerfonds for the PeaceBuilders Artist's Studio at the refugee-hotspot of the Greek island Lesbos. This organization has worked in the recent past with about 1.500 children and youngsters with art/craft projects to stabilize their mental health.

15.12.2019 : Ethical Payment

In 1972 when Bernd Hallier was in Stellenbosch/Cape Province as an AIESEC-student exchange his South African partner was Roger Chennels from Eshowe/Natal - both having students' dreams about the future of Africa. It was still the time of Apartheit (separation between the white and coloured people as the collage of the 72-pics shows) , but the farm of the Chennels family was a kind of "free zone area" where white Liberals, Churchmen and Zulu-tribe-heads met. Roger Chennels continued the spirit of his father Guy and became a lawyer : fighting for the underpriviledged people.


It is worth mentioning that after the change of the political system in the week when in 2019 the South African "all-coloured team" was becoming World Champion in Rugby for the first time: BBC was sending a report about Ethical Payment in the RooibosTea Industry with the following statement of Roger Chennels :"In short over 10 years we have negotiated a world first benefit sharing agreement under the Nagoya Protocol of the CBD which gives to the San and Khoi indigenous peoples a 1.5% royalty in respect of each kg of Rooibos processed, in acknowledgement of their traditional knowledge that contributed towards the Rooibos industry".

05.12.2019 : Hall of Fame 2020

ERA-president Prof.Dr.Hallier announced the 14th honored personality of the Hall of Fame : standing as the main focus for 2020 ! It is the Nobel Peace Award Winner of 2004 : Prof.Dr.Wangari Muta Maathari from Kenya - she got the Nobel Award for sustainable development, peace and democracy ( see also Hall of Fame).


"At the present time we have a renaissance of the fact-files about the limits of growth and the urgent need to optimize economics,ecology and ethics for a global house of harmony. On the other hand we have the disappointment about politics seeing that 50 years (half a century) have passed without any major changes for healing our world and common spiritual values. Prof. Maathari with her fights for better life should be a light-house for academia and decision-makers" Prof.Dr.Hallier said in his laudatio.

25.11.2019 : Social Media

Social Media platforms are becoming more and more important in the digital and global world. Within the ERA-network a special Site (EUCVOT) reports about experiences of exchange students with the focus "Communication" during their traineeships of vocational training. According to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier the main elements are to create a news, to place it in the media, to penetrate it and to check its results by ranking at Google and others.


The present two exchange students from Rovaniemi/Finland - Aleksi Kortesalmi and Jouko Miettunen - developed a YouTube video with the title "Pan Balkan Initiative" to explain the geopolitical frame and importance of the World Congress of Entrepreneurs' efforts to optimize the cooperation between governments, entrepreneurs and schools/universities within the civil society(Youtube Video).

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