30.03.2018 : Handicapped as Artists

The European Retail Academy is demanding a Global House of Harmony bridging Economics, Ecology and Ethics. One special facette of this are handicapped people: how can they be empowered/integrated?

The world-famous Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow/Russia focussed the topic of Autism/DownSyndrom in a Special Show and invited for a German-Russian Dialogue of artists, art-therapy, medicine and museum staff. From Germany M.-C. Hallier and G. Herzog from the Foundation of Art, ArtTherapy and Geomancy (KTG) took part. (More about the painting workshops and the Dialogue)


23.03.2018 : Plekhanov Moscow

The Academic Department of Commodity Science and Commodity Examination of the Plekhanov University/Moscow was organizing its Vth International Tserevitinov Conference .

Invited as an international expert and speaker was Prof. Dr. B.Hallier from the European Retail Academy who explained the vision and mission of the Thematic University Network (TUN) Food After the lecture the Plekhanov University decided to join the TUN Cooperation to promote by this action Applied Sciences in Russia. Several of the participating professors mentioned former visits to Germany to learn more about GS 1, Orgainvent and Globalgap - they would like also to exchange students as trainees or joint research for MA and PhD.


05.03.2018 : Geopolitical Context

According to Prof. Dr. Hallier within politics as well as within curricula at universities often there is a knowledge-gap between connectivity of facts/views in respect of geopolitical competences: "Crises are handled as daily affairs without knowledge about the regions history and ethnic/religious problems - further on in conflicts each side is often biased by the local flavour of education".

The European Retail Academy therefore started, in 2017, a new special AEUC about the ancient Silk Road and in the beginning of 2018 with BUN a special about the Baltic Sea. "Those internet-platforms will be pools for info to be discussed interdisciplinary at international Conferences by lecturers and students from our global community" Hallier stated .


25.02.2018 : Astana & Almaty

The European Retail Academy for many years partipates at the Astana Forum; Prof. Dr. B.Hallier is member of the Club of Eurasian Scientists and was speaker in 2017 at the EXPO-event at the Nazarbayev University, together with the Korean Nobel Laureate Prof. Raekwon Chung. Hallier appreciates the high-speed international education programs in Kazakhstan like the Master Program for International Relations.

Launched in the Fall 2014, MAPSIR is the first world-class, graduate level political science and international relations program taught in English in Kazakhstan. A wide range of courses is offered by an internationally recognized faculty drawn from North America and Europe. The 21-month-long program is structured similar to top-rated Masterís programs in the universities in North America. However, unlike most top-rated MA programs, MAPSIR is fully funded, its students receive monthly scholarships of 100,000 tenge plus room on campus. (More info)


17.02.2018 : Matching store formats

Taken the Top Ten of retail formats - and giving 10 points to the number 1 and 9 points for the number 2 and so on - it accumulates to a Total of 55 points. Analyzing the 2017 data of the Kuala Lumpur Awards of the magazin Retail Asia this is an interesting indicator for country-competences.

Within the sector of Department Stores, Japan accumulates 40 credit points versus South Korea with 14 points, dominating this sector in the Asian Pacific Region. Within the Supermarket sector, the international variety is bigger: Australia leads by 26 points in front of Japan with 17 points.


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