06.12.2022 : Own Benchmarking

The Trade Faculty of the University for WorldEconomy in Sofia/Bulgaria used the 70 years Anniversary of its faculty for a hybrid International Conference and a Publication of the contributions of the lectures (see also program). Prof.Dr.B.Hallier praised in a review that from the aftermath of World War II till today all Deans and their Teams have been honoured by a series of reviews. "Only by describing the personal impact on the permanent challenges of the research and teaching a benchmark for the present and future generations of Deans is possible" he said. "Progress does not come from itself - it needs People to initiate innovation" is his Credo.


"Comparing Central Europe with Western Europe we have to see that our friends in the COMECON had been blocked from innovations of the Wheel of Retail of a free market economy for roughly 50 years which were given to us to learn to adapt our old systems via permanent innovation-cycles. After dissolving the borders between East and West in the former COMECON-countries the Wheel had the effect of a Tornado : destroying the socialistic distribution structures." Hallier reflects the period from 1945 -2022. "Evaluating the content and the digital presentation of the papers of the International Conference professors and students of the Trade Faculty in Sofia are nowadays fully at state of the art" Hallier summarized.

30.11.2022 : Reshaping VUA

The Visegrad University Association (VUA) was founded in 2011 for the academic exchange of Universities of Agriculture. Prof.Dr.B.Hallier was from the start on honorary member of VUA and became later also member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal which is published two times per year and meanwhile is recognized in international citation-lists.


During the last years 10 Universities from Russia had joined VUA and actively practised the offer of double diploma and even inviting twice for General Meetings of VUA. Due to the Russian invasion into the Ukraine the VUA General Meeting 2022 decided to suspend the membership of all Russian Universities which also encluded the VUA-functions of professors of those universities. Prof.Hallier proposed to add to the VUA Constitution a paragraph that VUA-members have to support a Peaceful Dialgue for a Global House of Harmony based on the optimization of the triangle of Economics, Ecology and Ethics.

20.11.2022 : Strength of India

„India has changed tremendously in the last fifty years : having seen students learning in Delhi at night using the light of electrical lamps at public places in 1973 because they did not have it at home – India has become in the last twenty years one of the world’s leading resources for IT-specialists whose services are used by the internet as a tool globally around the world. By its GNP and by Sector Competences like IT all India has moved from the status „developing country“ towards high ranks of G-global. Having taken part for several years in the Indian Retail Forum (IRF) in Mumbai and getting to know entrepreneurs like Kishore Biyani from the Future Group and his competitors I know how powerfully Business Schools and Universities have contributed to the excellent performance of those entities." Prof.Dr.Hallier stated at the welcome of the new ERA-member Jagan Institute of Management from New Dehli ( home site



„On the other hand, travelling through India shows that the different regions have their own cultural approaches and tastes – and that a uniform behaviour cannot be expected all over such a SubContinent. This fragmentation is part of the charm of India (like the different mix of curries) but in times of pandemics like Covid 19 sometimes more central power could lead to more efficiency. But judging long-run perspectives like Consumption 2050 also myths and religions play an important role: even death is seen in India as part of a new start into the eternity of a never-ending cycle of lives. And exactly this mentality might be the Strength of India despite all the present problems. Buying shares at the Stock Exchange my advice would be: Buy now at falling prices – because India has still a bright future to come !“ (more in the YouTube Link: YouTube


07.11.2022 : Business & Academic Partnership

"The 13th Conference about the Supply Chain Management in Targoviste/Romania is an example for the necessary cooperation between Academia and Business to be competitive in global trade markets" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier stated in a review. "According to a study of EuroCommerce 90 percent of growth till 2030 will be generated by more digitalized processes; 40 - 50 percent of the processes in the Total Supply Chain will be fully automated by Artifical Intelligence at that time. Those facts had been focused exactly in the Conference headline Data Management of Digital Supply Chains in the Whirlwind of Disruptions" Hallier added. "The Wheel of Retail has turned into a Retail Tornado which needs optimization of all players along the chain to survive a competition which needs rationalization to save costs on the one hand side and big investments into tools for future/technology, standardized processes and skilled staff for implementation and leadership on the other side." Hallier concluded.


Academia was presented in the Conference by the top professors Virgil Popa, Costel Negricea, Mircea Duica and Theodor Purcarea. As partner for the application of Sciences the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) /Paris acted as a co-chair - supported by a research-report and contributions like from Gerd Wolfram, former founder of the RFID implementation team at the METRO Group Future Store Initiative. "Already the fact of meeting continiously in such high-ranking team for more than a decade is an indicator for a high-level evaluation of this platform." Hallier summarized.

31.10.2022 : Transformation Challenge

The Association "EuroCommerce" in Brussels is for Retail and Wholesale the political platform for the dialogue with the EU Commission. The interests of cross-border impacts are discussed and harmonized to optimize legislation. This Webinar showed the necessary investments to be taken till 2030 to compete with Asia and the US : split in a Study Report as well as a panel of retail/wholesale experts - both moderated by the Director General of EuroCommerce Christel Delberghe.


"It is not only for the political administration important to understand the development and processing of the actors in the Total Supply Chain but also for Universities and Applied Sciences to get an early feed-back for their own research" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier stated attending this Webinar. "The three key-words Sustainebiility , Digitalization and Skills should be pushed in all the curricula of Education : they demonstrate the Tornado of Retail Evolution" he added. "Our experience in the analysis of succesful leadership shows that Skills beat Knowlege by 80 to 20 !"

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