01.05.2022 : Two Tier Development

Discussing at the hybrid Nobel Fest in April 2022 in a session moderated by Prof.Dr.B.Hallier with the topic of how an agricultural revolution could feed the world two strategies contrasting each other in their philosophy and technology were developed : on the one hand the traditional small farmers with mixed /diversified crops and on the other hand technology-driven solutions for (partly) newcomers in the Agri-/AquaFarmBusiness.


While Helena Norberg-Hodge from Local Futures in Australia and Rajendra Uprety from Nepal presented development options based on local knowledge - Stuart Oda/China and Chee Wee Lee /Singapore explained success stories of technology driven solutions growing food at the point of sales like supermarkets or restaurants or using empty space of parking-garages or even skyscrapers. The Round Table agreed that a lot of the choice of preference will have to be fitted to the national situation of each country based on culture, development status and education. But for all countries there is a great demand for further knowledge exchange and benchmarks.

21.04.2022 : Sustainable HR

Parallel to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier who had been appointed Head of the Institute for Self-Service (ISB) in 1984 Winfried Lambertz, Master of Business Administration from the University of Cologne, started as an assortment analyst at the institute. In 1989 he changed to the media-department to become responsible for the operative business of the print editions like the monthly magazin Dynamik im Handel, Stores & Shops, DHI/EHI Encyclopedia of Trade and others. In the end of 2021 he retired as an editor after nearly 40 years watching and promoting innovations in the retail/wholesale-sector.


"In Applied Sciences the accumulation of facts is of utmost importance for the creditability of communication" Hallier said at a meeting with W.Lambertz reviewing the developments between 1984 and 2022. "The players in the market, the structure of the total market and the importance of the different market-segments have changed dramatically over that period - but the need for a scout to balance the info for market-reports between main-stream versus real innovation versus fake , to be trusted/respected by those who defend their traditional markets and those who attack by new tools or methods remained : the duration of being successfully in such a job is already an indicator for sustainable journalism and generally for HR" Hallier concluded.

15.04.2022 : Anchor Department Store

The start of Department Stores as drivers of innovation as retail format and as anchor of down-town life-style goes back to about 1875 according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier's retail-cycle theory. After World War II the big players Selfridges, Printemps, Jelmoli , Rinascente, Ahlers & Holm and Bon Marche founded in Lugano the Association IGDS to revitalize urban shopping and to exchange in Europe on international level their experience and to disseminate their knowledge jointly. Today 45 department-store-companies from a total of 39 countries all around the world bundle their vocational competences by IGDS (see: (LINK )


At its 7th Global Department Store Summit (GDSS) which will be organized on June 9th/10th 2022 in Seattle/USA twenty-six CEOs and Top Executives will elaborate their success-stories and will share their insights with their colleagues around the globe (more : (LINK )

02.04.2022 : Catalyst Nobel Fest

The Astana Economic Forum was profiling the independant Kazahkstan by creating an Eurasian Economic Scientists Association (EECA) , G-Global as an umbrella for all countries and a Team of Nobel Laureates participating at the annual events. Prof.Dr.B.Hallier became member of EECA and the G-Global Support Board . Just lately in March together with the 2007 Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.R.Chung he was running an ERA-Webinar about the UN-Sustainability Goals 2030 (see: LINK) - and they will support also the Nobel Fest at Mid-April 2022.


A total of 12 Nobel Laureates from different disciplines and high ranking speakers from all around the globe will be involved in this hybrid activity. The input of the ERA-Webinar and a Memorandum of Understanding about Academic relations beyond any borders will be discussed at the Nobel Fest too (see also : (LINK )

28.03.2022 : Sustainable Academic Relations

"Since the end of Febuary 2022 the World is starting a new period of serious disruption ! " Prof.Dr.B.Hallier said at the ERA-Webinar about Sustainability. "All economies around the Globe are changing dramatically and the outcome cannot predicted as also budget-planning is based on total uncertainty about costs of destruction and migration; financing of weapons and destroid or blocked sources for food or energy; delayed total supply chains and new orientationfor markets." he added. "Important for the European Retail Academy are now sustainable Academic relations like being built up in the past with partner universities around the world and also in respect of former joint actions from Ukraine and Russian partners from Moscow,Yekaterinburg, Donetsk, Odessa and Kiew . Those personal friendships beyond all political and religious orientation is the Credo of our Academic community and our obligation for the Future Generation" Hallier claimed.


At the close of the First ERA-Webinar aimed for the support of the UN Sustainability Goals top players from Kazakhstan , the Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.R.Chung and Prof.Dr.Hallier signed the Draft of a MOU being enlarged at the Nobel Festival organized in Kazakhstan from April 12th-15th 2022. The MOU will be enlarged during that event by additional players and details in content. Generally it is formulated to prepare joint recommendations to the Leaders of G-20 and the United Nations Organizations.

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