06.12.2020 : Early Leadership

In 1972 Prof.Dr.B.Hallier was as an AIESEC-exchange student in South Africa inspired by studies about developing countries. At the left-hand-side pic of the Collage he is discussing with his Stellenbosch- AIESEC counter-part Roger Chennells his visions - later during his three-months-stay also visiting Roger's parents in Zulu-Land (Eshowe) where Guy Chennells as a Liberal was already during the political Apartheid times a host for guests of different colours. Later in 2019 Roger was among the lawer-team who bargained as an addition of the UN Nagoya Protocol a 1,5 percent royalty of the sales of Rooibos Tea for the local indigenous people.


All this Past came to Hallier's mind at the G-Global hybrid Conference meeting in a Round Table with Ela Gandhi and Ndileka Mandela; Mahatma Ganhi having started to fight as a lawer in South Africa till 1915 for the rights of Indian people (before returning to India) - and Nelson Mandela fighting as a lawer for the rights of the coloured people in his country , becoming its first black President after years of imprisonment. He summarized for himself the Round Table : "I am totally impressed by the two Ladies : their joint message is that Spirituality and Intrusive Leadership are the factors for Global Peace. We have to teach our students not only content for their specialized subjects at universities - but we have to prepare them for leadership by holistic approaches and applied sciences to create visions for a global world with different cultural back-ground" is his conclusion. "G-Global should take a coordination function for a world wide academic competition to promote ETHICAL VALUES. It was already El Farabi (872-951) - the second master after the Greek philosopher Aristotle - teaching at the Silk Road about the ideal society directed to true happiness" Hallier stated.

25.11.2020 : Building a Second Brain

According to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier future managers and leaders in general have to build their own Second Brain to compete against the technical tools of AI. "The volume of data and information offered globally has increased within the last 25 years so much due to modern technology that the human brain has to be enlarged by outsourced capacities" he claimed about frights of replacement of human beings by robots (AI) in the development of distribution processes within retail and logistics. "Corona 2020 became a Super Innovation Driver for technology as can be seen by the dramatic increase of hybrid conferences, home-schooling and home-offices. Hand-written notes alone will not fit anymore to the competition of the XXI Century" he claimed in several digital conferences in November.


Photo credit to Building A Second Brain (BASB)

His former ERA-trainee Dr.Alina Pukhovskaya (WebSite), who did PhD about Knowledge Management, discussed in her Newsletter some aspects of Personal Knowledge Management (Read More). Hallier believes the idea of a second brain and the basic technologies should be taught in the curricula of the first semester interdisciplinary. "I myself use the lockdown of Corona to file my archive and memories and to combine facts & personal emotions in a set not replicable by just algorithms" he added.

15.11.2020 : G-Global 2020

Like other organizations also G-Global decided for 2020 to go digitally! G-Global is headquartered in Astana/Nur-Sultan in Kazakhstan. The International Online Congress in 2020 is labelled "The world of the XXI century". It will be supported among others by the UN Executive and Social Council, UN Conferences on Trade and Development, the Astana Club of Nobel Prize Laureates, the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists, the National Academy of Natural Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Astana Economic Forum, the International Silk Road Mayors Forum.


Prof.Dr.B.Hallier is attending actively the Astana Economic Forum for more than a decade (see also Interview: Link 1), he was with the Eurasian Youth Forum successful supporter of the claim to organize EXPO 2017, he is member of EECS and partner of the G-Global community and the Silk Road Mayors Forum. This time he will participate in the slot of the Online-Global Universities Congress (see more: Program below). "Having visited India and Africa many times it is wonderful to be together in one slot with Ela Gandhi and Ndileka Mandela" he stated in a comment about the G-Global Conference.



05.11.2020 : World Science Day

Kazakhstan is the Co-Founder of the Silk Road Mayors' Club; the (Link 1) shows the mayors of Nur-Sultan and Shymkent signing the contract in attendance of Prof.Dr.Hallier. Now the M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University in Shymkent will participate in the World Science Day "For Peace and Development" initiated by the United Nations. Due to Corona the Conference will be hybrid. Among the contributors will be Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.Raekwong Chung and holders of other international prizes and awards in the field of science and economics. Invited from Germany is Prof.Dr.B.Hallier to speak about the topic "Corona as an Accelerator for Innovation". More about the program see Link 2.


"Corona became an accelerator for technical innovation in the distribution -, education- and even in the consumer/household sectors. The evolutionary traditional 25-years frog-leaping steps in the innovation cycles of the last two centuries are speeding up to revolutionary disruptions beaming everybody in future life-style-cycles expected to happen only in the period 2025-2050. Within each country but also internationally the competition will result in Darwinism: in winners and loosers of our present challenges" Prof.Hallier stated announcing the Conference.

30.10.2020 : Respect and Trust

"My first meeting in Moscow 1990 was with the still All-Sowjet Institute for Trade under the leadership of Prof.Dr.Tvildiani from Georgia; introduced by my East German counter-part flying with the East German Airline Interflug" Prof.Dr.Hallier remembers."Today neither the Sovjet Union does exist anymore nor the East German DDR or Interflug, but within the last 30 years there are lots of friendships with personalities from Russia and beyond its borders which was formerly the SU." Hallier added. "In our holistic political evaluation we have to see both: the history of those countries with ours as well as the eyes of our partners and the human beings who each have a bio with an impact of their own historical social environments". See also: Interview January 2011 as a special guest of Radio Voice of Russia about the topic: How Germany has survived the economic crisis and what are the prospects of the unified Germany in the global system of relations: Link


"I met for example Prof.Dr.Nicolai D.Kolesov from the St.Petersburg State University, who was the youngest planner under Stalin and who even within the age of 90 years knew budget-figures of todays Russia by heart; Juri Starovatikh, Honorary Member of the Hero-City of Wolgograd who initiated the city partnership with the West-German city of Cologne heavily destroyed in World War II; Prof.Dr.Malyschkov from the Moscow Government being responsible for the distribution during the difficult transformation from Socialism towards the first steps of market economy; with Prof.Dr. Tabolin I was hunting in the NorthEast at the Russian-Chinese border and with Prof.Dr.Kisselev I was driving fom Kemerowo to the city of Tomsk through the Taiga landscape; Prof.Dr.Leonid Strovskiy from Yekaterinburg in the Ural translating with his team my book Culture and History of Trade into the Russian language; Prof.Dr.Oleg Oshkordin reported about his experiences as a young soldier in the German city of Dresden and both of us visited Dresden in 2011 to enjoy jointly the development after reunification; Prof.Dr.M.Fedorov from the USUE as my partner at the Youth Forum (at the photo with Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr. Aumann) - became also together with me driver for the EXPO 2017 in Astana/Kazakhstan; our Ukraine partners Prof.Dr.Lev Sarkisjan from Donestsk and Prof.Dr.Nina Ushakova from Kiev; never forgotten will be the emotional sailing-tours around the Skagerag in the Baltic Sea with the four-mast ship Padua/Kruzenshtern (today based at Kaliningrad/Koenigsberg) under the commanders Kolomenski, Sedov and Novikov who each due to their difference of age did have other styles of leadership - just to be mentioned as examples of the list of wonderful people from the ERA-network out of the former SU Academia. This human layer then has to be connected with the background of the historic Russian Soul in literature, music and painting to get a feeling about why dialogues in our Civil Society are of utmost importance for global understanding and Peace Processes" Hallier summarized his point of view.

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