15.04.2016 : SPAR Wholesale

SPAR was founded in 1932 in the Netherlands as a voluntary chain. The letters (SPAR) were taken as an abbreviation from the Dutch sentence "working together for the joint benefit". The Dutch word SPAR is the equivalent for X-mas tree : becoming the logo of the group ! After World War II SPAR started to spread through the neighbouring countries in Western Europe - like in Germany where in 1958 a total of 55 regional SPAR wholesalers were counted - distributing to more than 10.000 stores : starting later to label them also as SPAR-outlets.

In 1959 SPAR International was founded as a roof for coordination. Today SPAR can be found even in Russia, China or Africa ! And quite interestingly investments can be found meanwhile also back to Europe : like SPAR South Africa taking over 60 percent of SPAR Switzerland.

22.03.2013 Demand for Global Ethic

The former president of the Federal Republic of Germany, Prof.Dr.H.Koehler, demanded at the last Astana Economic Forum more Global Ethics in institutions. He outlined that already in 1993 a Parliament of World's Religions agreed upon a declaration based on the principle of humanity and the principle of reciprocity.

Photo: Roosewelt Pinheiro/ABr

He quoted the four basic values and standards being found in all major religions and also in non-religious traditions :
- non- violence and respect for life
- solidarity and a fair economic order
- truthfulness and tolerance
- equality and partnership
Prof.Dr.B.Hallier, president of the European Retail Academy, demands from the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum to promote those ideas in the 2013 dialogue of civilisations "Youth Global Mind" (more : www.eurasia-forum.ru ) to build a Global House of Harmony.

09.05.2011 : Astana Nobel Laureates

The Eurasia Scientific Club supported again the Astana Economic Forum. The 2011 Conference was attended by five Nobel Laureates of Economics (John Nash/1994; Sir James A. Mirrlees/1996; Robert A. Mundell/1999; Finn Kydland/2004, Robert J. Aumann /2005) and for Chemistry: Roger David Kornberg/2006

The host country?s delegation was headed by President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Prime Minister Karim Massimov and ministers of the cabinet of the Kazakhstan Federal Government. The European Retail Academy is represented in the Eurasia Club by Prof. Barabaner/Tallinn/Estonia, Prof. Fedorov/Yekaterinburg/Russia, Prof. Hallier/Cologne/Germany and Prof. Dr. Laszlo Vasa/ G?d?llő/Hungary (more at the News of 30.04.11 at ERM-Site and at the News of 16.05.11 at EUCVOT-Site )

15.02.2019 : AEF 2019

In 2007 the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, initiated the creation of an Eurasian Club of Scientists (EECSA). Together they started in 2008 the first Astana Economic Forum. The power gained in the last decade and the goals are very well demonstrated in the Review 2018.

Over the last 11 years the forum attracted 50.000 delegates from 150 countries of the world, including over 20 Nobel Laureates and 30 high-level foreign political figures. The next Congress will be 16/17th May, 2019 with the topic "Inspiring Growth: People, Cities, Economics"; it will be supported by the European Retail Academy as Prof.Dr.Hallier explained in a statement.

19.02.2016 : Leadership Award

The 12th edition of the Asia Retail Congress was hosted at Taj Lands End Mumbai/India. The Congress is representing 40 countries across Asia and the world. Its theme " What next..?" attracted retailers and professionals of the retail industry. At the Congress Prof.Dr.Bernd Hallier, President of the European Retail Academy, was honoured by the Retail Leadership Award.

India's retail leader is the Future Group with 1.691 million US $ and 332 outlets ranking in front of Reliance Retail 1.583 (1,798), Titan 1.535 (888), Godrej & Boyce 1.156 (850) , Aditya Birla 927 (1675), Tata 723 (198), Shopper's Stop 624 (77) , Tribhovandas 616 (39), Lifestyle 454 (359 and LG Electronics 368 (225).

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