29.04.2016 : European Training Foundation

The European Training Foundation (ETF) is a decentralized agency of the European Union (EU) based in Turin/Italy. Prof.Dr.Theodor Purcarea of the Romanian American University (RAU), longstanding friend of the European Retail Academy (ERA), interviewed Dr. Madlen Serban (photo), Director of ETF. More: LINK

Vocational training is according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier of utmost importance to bridge theoretical learning and application of know-how in practical life. ERA therefore developed in 2010 a special platform (EUCVOT) for this target group after a joint research project with the Social Dialogue group of EuroCommerce and Uni Europa.

28.02.2016 : Transition Indochina

The terminus "Indochina" demonstrates the dramatic changes of this area during the last one hundred years. Starting as a colonial territory in the first phase - after World War II it became a deputy between the East-West frictions . Now in phasis 3 the countries are in a transition to find their own images as Myrama (Burma/Birma), Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam - and also their new role in the global competition.

Vietnam for example has today 724 modern supermarkets, 132 commercial centers , more than 400 convenience stores - but also still one million small traditional stores. On the other hand also 28 percent of the Vietnamese consumers are already shopping online ! More about Vietnam at www.european-retail-academy.org/urban-revitalization

14.03.2014 : Vocational Competence Retail

Vocational Competence for Retail (www.european-retail-academy.org/EUCVOT) in Germany is always fascinating for guests from abroad . In Germany carreers in retail for most employees are based on dual education : training within the retail company as well as in specialized courses at school ending with a certificate of the Chamber of Commerce.

The European Retail Academy organized for example visits to the Food Academy in Neuwied (see EUCVOT news of 10.02.2014) or to the Furniture School (EUCVOT news 15.06.2013) as well as for the instore-meat-production at the Globus hypermarket in Cologne (see photo).

24.02.2019 : e-commerce Germany

The Cologne based EHI Retail Institute has analyzed the Top 1000 e-commerce shops of Germany. While in the Chart below bevh-data about the total market includes all e-commerce turnover (for example also tickets), HDE shows the trade-volume ordered; EHI deducted from the ordered sales the resent stuff and therefore according to Prof.B.Hallier reflects the real trade volume best.

The top 10 in the market accumulate at the moment roughly 42 percent market share. Concerning Omni-Channel, only about 25 percent of the online-shops have more than 100 brick-and-stone outlets. More about the study: Hofacker@ehi.org

20.05.2011 : Innovative Food Outlets

The German magazine LebensmittelPraxis since 19 years is promoting an event with the slogan ?Supermarket of the Year?. In four categories competitors are selected:

Independents and chains:

  • markets under 2,000 square meters
  • markets above 2,000 square meters

Photo:Martin K?mper/Lebensmittel Praxis

An independent jury of professionals decided about the final winners. In 2011 the champions are EDEKA Kels/Muelheim, EDEKA Zurheide/Duesseldorf, REWE Frankfurt-Bornheim and Globus Saarbruecken. ?Since 1992 we saw an evolution tornado of retail? Prof. B. Hallier, member of the jury, stated.

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