17.07.2014 : Portmeirion

In 1925 B.Clough Williams-Ellis (1883-1978) acquired a peninsular at the Traeth Bach River in Wales/UK to develop his own village.Describing his plans in 1926 in the Architects' Journal he was able to impress potential investors. In two steps 1926-1939 and 1954-1978 he realized his vision as an advocate in rural preservation, amenity planning and colourful architecture (www.portmeirion-village.com).

Clough Williams-Ellis was also a founding member of the Council for the Protection of Rural England (1926) as well as of Wales (1928). His own village is surrounded by 70 acres of subtropical forest gardens.

15.06.2019 : GFVC 4.0

In 1972 Prof.Dr.B.Hallier was AIESEC exchange student in South Africa where he worked as a trainee with Rembrandt Tobacco in Stellenbosch and later travelled among other places to Lesotho and Eshowe/Zulu-Land. Since that time he is in permanent contact with his friends to create awareness for the African continent : now he decided to promote by the European Retail Academy GFVC 4.0


The GFVC (Global Fashion Value Chain Federation) aims to improve by its 4.0 Congress/Exhibition in April 2020 global manufacturing, integrating the fragmented structures and industry, and to unlock the high untapped potential to create jobs for Africa's youth and women.

30.08.2011: City-images

What would be the image of the German city of Cologne without its Cathedral (Koelner Dom)? How does the city of Bonn manage after the transfer of most of the Federal ministries to Berlin?

Actually the Cologne/Bonn area is at the moment growing by population and economic power! Part of the power game of urban revitalization are retailers with new store formats, new concepts, segmentations and penetration strategies as speakers at a Heuer-Conference in Cologne pointed out ?like Prof.Dr.B. Hallier with his evolution tornado of retail.

01.08.2016 : Top Retailers Asia

Andrew Yeo, publisher of Retail Asia (covering 14 Asian territories) invites this year retail/retail experts for the traditional Top 500 Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner to Singapore. Retail Asia together with Euromonitor International and KPMG continued their survey of the best of the best in Asia.

Additionally an international jury is examining how the best retailers have overcome the present challenges and by what strategies they should seize the upcoming opportunities. The Forum "Retail Revolution" will be hold together with the Gala for the award- winners at October 28th 2016 (more by e-mail: kaylee@retailasia.com.sg )

04.06.2016 : Urban Soul

GMA/TaylorWessing organized its 9th Retail Forum in Cologne/Germany : analyzing the effects of digital challenges of online-shopping for traditional retail, new store-formats and urban revitalization.

TaylorWessing ( Link : www.taylorwessing.com) is specialized on legal questions in urban planing - and insofar new outlet-types like drive-in-depots/pick-up-stations, as also factory outlets, have been checked versus the legal frame , legal interpretations and legal developments in Germany, were most decisions are based on the traditional CenterHirarchy.

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