20.08.2013 : Nobel Laureat I. Andric

Ivo Andric (1892-1975) was born in Travnik - at that time capital of Bosnia. He studied in Zagreb, Vienna, Kracow and Graz. After World War I he worked in the Zagreb National Council uniting Serbs, Croatians and Slowenians for the Kingdom of Yugoslawia. In 1961 he became Nobel Laureate of Literature for his novels about historic happenings in Bosnia.

"Describing the human feelings and mental conflicts in the time before World War I especially at this meeting point between Orient and Occident is perhaps also today a major key to understand the situation at the Balkan . Andric could be called a pioneeer of intercultural conflict analysis" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier stated after visiting the birth place of the Nobel Laureat during his visit of Vitez University (link)

15.09.2016: CIRCLE PhD Seminar

An obligatory part of PhD program at the Virtual college CIRCLE International (housed at the University of Vitez, BH) is the completion of oral comprehensive examination and defence of the thesis proposal in front of the committee. This year the CIRCLE PhD-Seminar took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which offered participants a great travelling opportunity to Balkans.

Alina Pukhovskaya (CV) visited the PhD-Seminar in Vitez and shared some impressions from the trip: "Bosnia and Herzegovina due to its geographical location had been repeatedly involved in major historical events such as the World War I (assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo) and the World War II (multi-ethnic resistance groups lead by Josip Broz Tito). Also it had been under the influence of different empires Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian and never lost itself but adjusted, taking the best out of the new cultures. However, the Bosnian War (19921995) caused so much pain and destruction that up to today every detail brings back the memories of the terror. Both photos are taken in the same city Mostar, which combines beautiful (renovated) old city and bombed business center."

18.08.2014 : FoRWaRd in Germany

The international Consortium of the EU-project FoRWaRd will meet in the end of September 2014 for its final workshop in Duesseldorf/Germany. The morning of Sept.30th will be open for the public for information and to participate in the discussions. The Consumers Association of North Rhine Westfalia (Verbraucherzentrale) will be one of the external speakers.

FoRWaRd started its work in November 2012 in Milano/Italy, was meeting in 2013 in Budapest/Hungary and 2014 in Venlo/NL. It has prepared four tools for the Total Supply Chain : awareness-video, e-learning handbook, mini-game and a platform for Food Banks/Charities to receive and to distribute over-supply. The European Retail Academy was especially responsible for the module tracing/tracking ( see also YouTube ) .

15.07.2019 : ALDI China

ALDI (Albrecht Discount) has its roots in Germany with a success business history of more than 100 years. In Germany ALDI is the benchmark for the store-format/marketing of discount; in the UK ALDI was just rated by consumers as the best supermarket; in China ALDI now has launched its first two pilot-stores bringing high quality products and an unique life-style to the customers.


For Prof. Dr. Hallier - watching ALDI since the mid 70ies - it is an example how in the world of globalization marketing-concepts should be adapted to local/regional/national habits and not just being copied from one country for other countries. His credo is " retail has to act locally" ! ALDI started in China at April 2017 through its cross-border e-commerce store on Tmall, Now for the Chinese target-group the first two brick-and-stone pilot stores are customized/tailored and will be used for trials/tests to adjust by data collection/feedback the further optimization of ALDI's China approach.

10.08.2013 : Food Waste Managers

According to forecasts about the growth of population the world needs in 2050 about 40 percent more food. On the other hand several studies report about 40 percent waste in today's chain from farm to fork. Waste has to be reduced and unsold food to be recovered and re-directed to people in need!

The FORWARD-Consortium has agreed in an EU-project on a learning-path in an IT-platform to educate food waste managers. Partners from eight countries cooperate in the project - among them the European Retail Academy.

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