10.09.2014 : Myth, Image and Reality

The Federal Association of the Russian speaking Institutions in Germany and the German-Russian Forum organized a meeting in Bonn/Germany opened by the Russian Consul General Evgenij Schmagin (at the photo) , Prof.Dr. Bergmann/ M.Hoffmann (both of the Board of the Forum) and Larissa Yurchenko (Istok) about the dangers of the present political situation and the need for dialogue.

Discussing myth, image and reality the former German Ambassador Frank Elbe (Elbe-Lecture) made the point that "reality" is always interpreted by those who communicate and that therefore a second or third "reality" has to be heard to come to an independant judgement. Prof.Dr.Hallier mentioned the network of the European Retail Academy as an example for scientific dialogues ( III. World Economic Youth Forum in Astana/Kazakhstan) and student exchanges like AIESEC. The growth of the economic wealth in the last twenty years ( see : ERA-News of April 2nd,2014) is based on the exchange of international trade and should not be endangered by a War of Words - creating wrong/bad images/myths.

30.08.2013 : Circle International

In 2004 the first annual conference of Circle (Center for International Research in Consumers Location and their Environment) took place in the UK - initiated by Leeds Metropolitan University together with 5 partner universities. The conferences have two major goals: firstly to check recent developments - and secondly to provide for young scholars/PhD-students the opportunity to present their research within an international academic community.

In 2013 Circle International and Vitez University/Bosnia-Herzogewina agreed to launch double-diplomas for MBA and PhD for Distance Learning programs in marketing and retail. One of the first applicants is the former trainee of the European Retail Academy: Alina Pukhovskaya (Link to CV). "She is the kind of person targeted by such an international diploma" Prof.Dr.Hallier (on the photo together with his colleagues) said at the Inauguration in Vitez.

05.08.2019 : Research Alliance

Euromonitor International is a British company for global market intelligence with offices around the world. On invitation of its new Duesseldorf office/Germany Prof.Dr.B.Hallier presented his latest research about trade-cycles in the past and future.


Both sides know each other for many years cooperating with the Singapore magazine Retail Asia (Steven Goh/Andrew Yeo) in the presentation of the Top 500 retailers Asia Pacific. Prof.Hallier served for more than a decade in the Award Jury - for which Michelle Grant (Euromonitor) prepared the research data. Both will meet at APREC in September in Chonging / China again.

17.10.2011: New Global Initiative

The Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Bucharest/Romania initiated under the leadership of its rector Prof.Dr.Florian Popa Romania's first international congress on "Health, Nutrition, Wellbeing" in the historic city of Brasov. (more)

On that occasion a letter of intent had been signed by Prof.Dr. Florian Popa, Prof.Dr. Eliot Sorel from the George Washington University/USA, Prof.Dr. B. Hallier/Germany and other leading professors of that event to cooperate in future on the following subjects: The parties concerned want to use those three activities to create student exchanges by EU-projects like Tempus, Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci as also with transatlantic cooperation involving the USAID, USDA and identify the link between higher education, innovation the business community and future employment opportunities and sustainable development in the Eurasia region.

28.07.2016 : 50 years EuroShop

In 1964 the exhibition centre Duesseldorf/Germany and the Institute for Self-Service/today EHI Retail Institute signed a contract to promote together self-service and shop-fitting jointly under the logo "EuroShop"-exhibition. In 1966 the first trade-show EuroShop was run with 19.500 squaremeters.

Today EuroShop is worldwide the number 1 exhibition for shopfitting, in-store-electronics, security-systems and POS-Marketing. It covers 110.000 sqaremeters net : the next tri-annual show will be in 2017. Its annual special EuroCIS meanwhile has 10.000 sqaremeters for store-techniques and will be integrated in the 2017 EuroShop Exhibition. The European Retail Academy was founded at the EuroShop 2005 as a link to academia. "Happy Birthday Greetings " from the European Retail Academy and Prof.Dr.B.Hallier http://cms.berndhallier.de).

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