07.09.2013 : Art, Therapy and PlaceEmpowerment

The European Retail Academy started already in 2006 a Forum Art Business (link) as a special link ; in 2012 it organized as a part of urban revitalization an international exhibition "Student Art" in the water-castle of the city of Dueren(link) . Now together with friends of art it started an Academy for Art,Therapy and PlaceEmpowerment to merge teaching of those three disciplines.

Beside ERA the other co-founders are the internationally well known artist Mary Bauermeister, E.Gebauer, M.-C.Hallier, W.C.Jung, L.Mandac, O.Pfoertner and SAXA. Chairman of the advisory board is Prof.Dr.B.Hallier, further member is Dr. Sonja Petrikova from the Tretyakow Galery in Moscow. At the photo Mary Bauermeister and Olaf Pfoertner pose for the contract together with Prof.Dr.B.Hallier and M.-C.Hallier on the water-roof of Mary's house which will be the center of the new Academy.

01.10.2016: Astana EXPO

101 countries have confirmed their participation in the International Specialized Exhibition "Astana EXPO 2017" in Kazakhstan - starting in June 2017. Additionally 18 international organizations already declared their support. The main topic will be "best energy generating projects".

The World Economic Youth Forum with Prof.Dr.M.Federov and Prof.Dr.B.Hallier supported from the beginning onwards the application for the Astana EXPO. In 2013 the platform www.european-retail-academy.org/GGU was created as a virtual Global Green University. Prof.Hallier spoke of "Global Youth Energy" at the Astana Economic Forum.

30.10.2011: Moldova and North Caucasus

Within Moldova three universities cooperate with ERA. Two of them organized international conferences in October - one will follow-up in April 2012. All together want to form jointly a Moldavian Round Table for innovation and the total supply chain

The Institute of the Caucasus People's Friendship in Stavropol (Russia) celebrated 20 years of International Cooperation - embedded timely in the German cultural festival "Days of Germany" under the umbrella of the German Embassy in Russia and the Chamber of Commerce of Stavropol Region. On that occasion Prof Hallier proposed international DAAD -area-teams of the Caucasus region to visit Germany jointly for a cultural dialogue and to spend one week painting with the nations involved at the campus of the ALANUS university.

01.08.2016 : Top Retailers Asia

Andrew Yeo, publisher of Retail Asia (covering 14 Asian territories) invites this year retail/retail experts for the traditional Top 500 Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner to Singapore. Retail Asia together with Euromonitor International and KPMG continued their survey of the best of the best in Asia.

Additionally an international jury is examining how the best retailers have overcome the present challenges and by what strategies they should seize the upcoming opportunities. The Forum "Retail Revolution" will be hold together with the Gala for the award- winners at October 28th 2016 (more by e-mail: kaylee@retailasia.com.sg )

21.08.2019 : Globalization/Standardization

Globalization needs Standardisation: also in the field of barcodes. While in the mid 70ies the printed barcode was the innovation driver for the cash-zone and between retail and industry, in the second step Chips increased the data-volume and reading distance. The third generation are now QR or two dimensional Codes being used both instore- and for mobile shopping while connecting both: brick-and-stone and the digital world. QR enables the Internet of Things.


The International Two-dimensional Code Industry will organize its second Development Summit with the 2019 topic "TheCode' Connected World with Intelligence and Innovation" in Foshan, Guangzhou Province/China. Prof.Dr.B.Hallier will be guest of the Conference and speak about technology drivers of retail.

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