10.08.2016 : Wealth of Nations

The first decade of this century was dominated by the open borders for internationalization/globalization which was leading to an increase of wealth of those participating in liberal trade.

Now the BREXIT as well as restrictions within trade laws of Hungary, Poland, Romania as well as the trade conflict with Russia decreases the expectations of growth. Academia has failed to teach liberal social economics ! Unfortunately now national Emotio starts again to dominate Ratio ! "The European Retail Academy will nevertheless (and against that tendency) promote the exchange of human capital because this is the basic way for international understanding" Prof. B.Hallier stated in a personal message to his member-universities.

30.08.2019 : Entrepreneurial Spirit

In 2018 the World Congress of Entrepreneurs signed the "Zagreb-Declaration" in Croatia as a call to encourage the civil society to participate actively in a social market economy. The meeting was backed by business, universities and administrations from the local, regional and national levels of the area of former Yugoslavia plus Austria and Germany.

This initiative will be carried on from October 16th-18th, 2019 at Skopje/Northern Macedonia. "The development and transfer of entrepreneurial skills is a challenge for applied sciences in areas of former socialism" Prof.Dr. B.Hallier stated "The wealth of the nations is the accumulation of permanent/ongoing innovations: this can be optimized by cooperation between governments/laws, sciences and businesses" (more info: sinisha.zaric@gmail.com).

20.09.2014 : Facts and Figures

Applied Sciences in retail is comparing long-run data taken from business (bottom-up research) . In Germany already in 1968 an annual publication started to report about the effects of self-service in retail ( "SB-Entwicklungen") - being renamed 1971 into "SB -Zahlen". In 1990 it was enlarged to all distribution-lines "Handel aktuell" . Nowadays the title is "EHI handelsdaten aktuell 2014" : being available as a print-copy or via internet by the EHI Retail Institute.

320 pages offer macro- and micro-data about trade-structures and developments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - furtheron "profiles" of key-players are encluding the different store-formats.

07.09.2013 : Art, Therapy and PlaceEmpowerment

The European Retail Academy started already in 2006 a Forum Art Business (link) as a special link ; in 2012 it organized as a part of urban revitalization an international exhibition "Student Art" in the water-castle of the city of Dueren(link) . Now together with friends of art it started an Academy for Art,Therapy and PlaceEmpowerment to merge teaching of those three disciplines.

Beside ERA the other co-founders are the internationally well known artist Mary Bauermeister, E.Gebauer, M.-C.Hallier, W.C.Jung, L.Mandac, O.Pfoertner and SAXA. Chairman of the advisory board is Prof.Dr.B.Hallier, further member is Dr. Sonja Petrikova from the Tretyakow Galery in Moscow. At the photo Mary Bauermeister and Olaf Pfoertner pose for the contract together with Prof.Dr.B.Hallier and M.-C.Hallier on the water-roof of Mary's house which will be the center of the new Academy.

01.10.2016: Astana EXPO

101 countries have confirmed their participation in the International Specialized Exhibition "Astana EXPO 2017" in Kazakhstan - starting in June 2017. Additionally 18 international organizations already declared their support. The main topic will be "best energy generating projects".

The World Economic Youth Forum with Prof.Dr.M.Federov and Prof.Dr.B.Hallier supported from the beginning onwards the application for the Astana EXPO. In 2013 the platform www.european-retail-academy.org/GGU was created as a virtual Global Green University. Prof.Hallier spoke of "Global Youth Energy" at the Astana Economic Forum.

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