30.06.2022 : Darwinism in the Textile Sector

Having the innovation-cycles of retail/wholesale in focus of his research Prof.Dr.B.Hallier summarized for his students visiting the technology fair EuroCIS the Darwinism within the textile sector. In his interpretation in a first phase in Europe it was personal knowledge of traders about sources and processing like the Fugger-family or de Respaigne. In a second wave textiles became a business of mass-distribution with increasing profiles at spots of high frequency like in Paris, London, Berlin or Cologne enlarging the product-ranges by adding life-style components to its marketing. The remains of this prosperous time are the down-town architectural buildings like the GUM at the Red Square in Moscow, Harrods in London, the former big players in Paris or KaDeWe in Berlin.


In the 70ies of the last century the third cycle started with IT as a driver ; the European Article Number(EAN) enabled the identification of products and electronic control of the supply chains, the chip-technology and QR-codes followed - smartphones and mobile data , and last but not least the internet created new channels or within brick-and-stone outlets omni-channel opportunities. The fourth cycle starting now is the mix of shopping, entertaining and mixing the Real World with the Virtual World for example in games with avatares in the Metaversum. (more : PDF ).


20.06.2022 : Donors and Sponsors

In the economic/political crisis 1848/50 in Hamburg/Germany Eduard I Hallier became one of the initiators of a Food Bank serving a cheap cup of coffee and a slice of bread to the workmen in the harbour ("KaffeeKlappen"). In art his invitations for events at his private home are still remembered by letter-exchanges with the composer Johannes Brahms and the Northern German poet Theodor Storm (for example at the museum in Husum). His grandson Dr.Eduard II Hallier travelled in 1890 for one year all around the globe and initiated after his return in Hamburg the first Public Library together with Blohm (wharf-owner) and Mönckeberg (mayor). Later he helped with a major donation the Hamburg Art Hall ("Kunsthalle") and supporting annually six artists a home free of charge. Last but not least he promoted founding Hamburg University.


Prof.Dr.Bernd Hallier travelled during his studies of economics at Hamburg University extensively around the world as an AIESEC-student , later in 1985 as a director of today’s EHI Retail Institute to connect retail/wholesale business globally , promoting the EuroShop exhibition to become world-leader for shopfitting and finally connecting Business & Academia by founding in 2005 the European Retail Academy. (see also : LINK ) At his private home in Rösrath he founded together with his neighbour the artist Mary Bauermeister the Foundation for Art and Art Therapy:( see more : YouTube ) Hallier's Credo is : " The level of Civil Society can be judged by its donors and sponsors"


10.06.2022 : Competences by Merger

In 1999 in Cologne/Germany Butlers (a specialist for living accessoires) opened his first stores : in 2021 the company had over 100 own outlets and 30 franchise shops; its turnover is roughly 95 million Euro. - In the online-sector ten years later Home24 entered the furniture sector ; by the take-over of its competition Fashion For Home in 2015 it also became partly a brick-and-stone retailer : since 2019 even with a format of 8.000 square-meters sales area. Home24 has in the end of 2021 a total turnover of about 600 million Euro.

magazine scan nro. 1 magazine scan nro. 2

Now the owners of the two companies exchanged shares in a company-merge. For Prof.Dr.B.Hallier of the European Retail Academy this is a good case-study for a cluster of competences : traditional brick-and-stone shops in basically two formats , being able to serve down-town customers as well as industrial areas ; being online visible even beyond the national borders ; being accessable for customers by clicks as well as by physical store-contacts ; upscaling the buying volume in the industry/ wholesale-retail relation ; upgrading the visibility


30.05.2022 : 50 Years Perspective

Taken the development of retail/wholesale in perspectives of 50 years Prof.Dr.Hallier stated at the opening of the EuroCIS exhibition in Düsseldorf/Germany : " Comparing the period of 1950 till the end of the century we could watch the development of brick-and-stone outlets as drivers : starting with small self-service stores, supermarkets , hypermarkets, big boxes like IKEA and ToysR US and finally shopping centers. From 2000 onwards we have the development of the Internet, B2B, B2C . ALIBABA and AMAZON but also Data Collectors like GOOGLE or Delivery Experts like DHL are becoming retailers or partners of Retail Knowlege Consortia (RKC)."

Chart of progress

"We are now in a period of increased digitalization as well in omni-channel as well as also as alternative new distribution channel developed by newcomers in retail and associated sectors. CORONA had been one of the additional factors speeding up the processes beside the big opportunities of the Internet of Things which enable explanations and advertising activities in a scale never thought of 50 years ago. Today former Sciencefiction becomes REALITY" Hallier added.


15.05.2022 : EuroCIS + Science Awards

In the year 2000 EHI Retail Institute and Messe Düsseldorf started a special Retail Technology exhibition between the tri-annual EuroShop which is the world leader for shopfitting. "We saw in the beginning of this century that technology has a higher speed than the rest of the exhibition : therefore we created this new platform as an in-between of the EuroShop-dates" Prof.Dr.Hallier remembers being President of EuroShop at that time. "In 2002 we already experienced such a high frequency for this market-segment that we decided to run this exhibition in the two years between the EuroShop as a stand-alone fair with a name near to EuroShop : EuroCIS(CommunicationInformationSecurity) : and to use that signage also as an internal area during EuroShop, which became the Umbrella-Brand for a whole family like EuroConcept, EuroSales, EuroExpo. Meanwhile EuroCIS is European-Leader in its segment." he added.


After founding the European Retail Academy in 2005 then in 2007 EHI together with GS 1 enriched EuroShop/EuroCIS with a benchmark-show for the German speaking academic community : Awards for Scientific Research in retail : BA , MA, PhD - shifting then also for Awards for Science Cooperations between Universities and Business, and lately also for successful Start-ups.

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