22.11.2011: Honourable Ambassador of the Peace

The president of the European Retail Academy Prof. Dr. Bernd Hallier was awarded the title ?Honourable Ambassador of Peace? (More in Russian ) by the multimillion international Eurasian Youth Movement in the opening Festival ?Dialogue of Civilization ? Way up Towards? in Yekaterinburg/Russia which was visited by participants from 110 countries.

As like as in 2010 and 2011 Prof. Hallier will help together with the rector of the Ural State University of Economics Prof. Dr. M. Fedorov also in 2012 to organize the Yekaterinburg-student competition and the trip to the Astana Economic Forum to meet in Kazakhstan Nobel Laureates of Economics for discussions.

For 2012 the following Nobel Laureates of Economics will participants in Astana: Robert Mundell (1999), James Heckman (2000), Edward C. Prescott (2004), Robert Aumann (2005), Oliver E. Williamson (2009), Christopher Pissarides (2010); as a Nobel Laureate of Chemistry Roger Kornberg will join for a second time.

15.09.2013 : Eurasia Emerging Markets

The President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev opened in Astana a Forum with the title "Eurasia in the 21st Century - Through Renewal to Leadership". The vision of Kazakhstan is to become one of the world's most developed countries within the top 30 uptill 2050. The Forum was attended by experts from Central Asia,East and South Asia,America and Europe.

Among the team posing for the photo are the head of the presidential office K.Massimov, the prime-minister and the deputy prime-minister, the former presidents/prime ministers A.Gusenbauer/Austria,J.Quiroga/Bolivia, E.Olmert/Israel, R.Prodi/Italy,A.Kwasniewski/Poland - H.Kohli/President Centennial Group,S.Katsu/President Nazarbayev University and Prof.Dr.B.Hallier / President European Retail Academy - P.Flor/EU and E.Pilichowski/OECD.

More Info in German about retail in Eurasia see at www.lpishop.de

05.09.2019 : Changing India

According to market estimates the organized retail in India will grow by 76 percent uptill 2021. Within Euromonitor International's Top 100 Retailers Asia: Walmart is leading India's ranking by 14,5 billion US $ turnover with Amazon (9,8) second placed, the Future Group (3,9), the Reliance Group (3.7) and the Tata Group (2,9). Just at the moment Amazon shows interest to buy about 10 percent of the shares of the Future Group.

For many years Prof.Dr.B.Hallier supported the Indian Retail Forum in Mumbai, meeting his friends Kishore Biyani and Nagesh (Link). For long years of advice Prof.Dr.Hallier got the Retail Leadership Award from the Asia-Africa-GCC Congress. Nowadays Mumbai's exhibition in-store-asia is connected with the EuroShop network.

30.09.2014 : Workshop Duesseldorf

The international FORWARD-Consortium with members of the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands and Poland (see also Communication at www.european-retail-academy.org/ERM) had its final workshop in Duesseldorf/Germany with guest speakers from the NRW ministry of innovation, the NRW Consumers Association and the platform foodsharing. Among further guests had been BelaRus, the magazine LPInternational and the Wisamar-institute from the city of Leipzig.

Guided by the ERA-expert for CityMarketing, E.Gebauer, food-stores had been visited like the Carsch-Haus and the SuperBiomarket at Schadow-Arcades (see photo). Being started first 40 years ago in Muenster/NRW in 2014 SuperBioMarkt is a chain of more than 20 outlets - the newest one in Schadow Arcades .

20.08.2016: Status WFPC

The World Food Preservation Center (WFPC) now has 21 Agricultural Universities covering all six continents to teach measures against food waste!

The first WFPC-Food Waste Conference for Africa will take place in Nairobi/Kenya in the end of March 2017. Now WFPC promoted its first PhD-student - coming also from Africa! Dr.Gustav Mahunu from Ghana, who was directed by Prof. Hongyin Zhang from the Jiangsu University/China is the first to receive these honors.

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