24.12.2020 : Asian Century

Already in 2019 Prof.Dr.Hallier stated after taking part in Chongging/China at the bi-annual Asian-Pacific Retailers' Convent APREC :"After the Commonwealth Century and an American Life-Style Century now we are in an Asian Technology Century". In 2020 Hallier welcomes the foundation of the multinational trade pack RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) of 15 countries of the Asian Pacific area.

"Already since David Ricardo (1772 - 1823) we know that International Trade is promoting global wealth" he recalled Economic Theory and Observations of World Trade. "It is worth mentioning that Ricardo published in 1817 this extension of the research of work-division of Adam Smith - two years after the Vienna Congress where after the Napoleon War Europe was restructured and import/exports revitalized" Hallier recalls history. "The countries of RCEP accumulate about 30 percent of the present world population and will gain bigger GNPs than Europe till 2050 due to their different age-structure" Hallier added. "Regional multinational sub-systems may reactivate also WTO and by this stabilize World Peace." Prof.Hallier has been travelled Asia since 1974 - being apart of lectures following for nearly two decades as a member of the Jury of Retail Asia the technical developments of the major players and having also taken part in the award-ceremony when the APREC-network got the Peace Circle Chair Collection Certificate of the Chinese Government in 2019 (see picture).

15.12.2020 : Game Changers

Nikolai Kondratieff was the first who published in 1926 observations about innovations having long-term effects on macro-economic levels : 1939 called "Kondratieff-Cycles" by Joseph Schumpeter. A period of innovation driven by cotton/steam engine (1800) was followed by railways/steel production (1850) , electrical engineering/chemestry (1900), petrochemical industry/automobiles (1950) and information-technology/revitalization of global trade networks for sourcing and distribution(2000). Prof.Dr.B.Hallier defines as the next Kondratieff-Cycle the Lithium Production/Applications of Lithium/ Crypto-Currencies in a world of Smart Economies. Lithium production will replace the petroleum production in the impact of the geopolitical power-play according to Hallier. Taken the period of 1974-2018 measured in metric tonnes Australia leads by 123.206 units, followed by China (45.747), Zimbabwe ((34.604), Canada (22.097) and Chile (16.137). "South America is expected to increase its volume by roughly 200 percent in the next decade" Hallier expects.


Hallier mainly has registered himself for some decades the major disruptions of wholesale/retail since the year 1800 : showing a permanent evolution in frog-leaping jumps of 25 years : the last steps AmericanLifeStyle/supermarkets (1950) , hypermarkets/big boxes/shopping centers and Information Technology (1975) , chip-technology/RFID/tracing tracking and B2B/B2C internet (2000) , mobile shopping, social media, cashless payment (2025) , data-clouds, block-chain technology, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence - new Retail Knowledge Consortia by mixed players having originally their competences in mass-data business, in process-optimization, in delivery-services (2050). "Covid 19 is beaming its winners of the total supply chain as well as the traditional retail/wholesale institutional definitions as also the obsolete destinction of store types into the hybrid/digital world of the cycle 2050 already now. The new cycle will be dominated by players who we do not know yet as Retailers " Hallier claims. "Covid 19 is together with the new technologies a game-changer : like in Darwinism only those will survive who adapt quickly ! - The bottleneck between pilot-projects and the big impact 25 years later seems to be the delay in learning and behaviour" Hallier assumes reflecting the macro- as well as the sector- and micro-level studies about innovation reported in Applied Sciences. "Furtheron the personal mind-set needed for those changes will be different due to ethnological and historical developments in each country as well as dependant on financial resources available in poor/rich countries : disruptions very often widen the gap not only economically but also in respect to ecology or ethics". Hallier stated.

06.12.2020 : Early Leadership

In 1972 Prof.Dr.B.Hallier was as an AIESEC-exchange student in South Africa inspired by studies about developing countries. At the left-hand-side pic of the Collage he is discussing with his Stellenbosch- AIESEC counter-part Roger Chennells his visions - later during his three-months-stay also visiting Roger's parents in Zulu-Land (Eshowe) where Guy Chennells as a Liberal was already during the political Apartheid times a host for guests of different colours. Later in 2019 Roger was among the lawer-team who bargained as an addition of the UN Nagoya Protocol a 1,5 percent royalty of the sales of Rooibos Tea for the local indigenous people.


All this Past came to Hallier's mind at the G-Global hybrid Conference meeting in a Round Table with Ela Gandhi and Ndileka Mandela; Mahatma Ganhi having started to fight as a lawer in South Africa till 1915 for the rights of Indian people (before returning to India) - and Nelson Mandela fighting as a lawer for the rights of the coloured people in his country , becoming its first black President after years of imprisonment. He summarized for himself the Round Table : "I am totally impressed by the two Ladies : their joint message is that Spirituality and Intrusive Leadership are the factors for Global Peace. We have to teach our students not only content for their specialized subjects at universities - but we have to prepare them for leadership by holistic approaches and applied sciences to create visions for a global world with different cultural back-ground" is his conclusion. "G-Global should take a coordination function for a world wide academic competition to promote ETHICAL VALUES. It was already El Farabi (872-951) - the second master after the Greek philosopher Aristotle - teaching at the Silk Road about the ideal society directed to true happiness" Hallier stated.

25.11.2020 : Building a Second Brain

According to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier future managers and leaders in general have to build their own Second Brain to compete against the technical tools of AI. "The volume of data and information offered globally has increased within the last 25 years so much due to modern technology that the human brain has to be enlarged by outsourced capacities" he claimed about frights of replacement of human beings by robots (AI) in the development of distribution processes within retail and logistics. "Corona 2020 became a Super Innovation Driver for technology as can be seen by the dramatic increase of hybrid conferences, home-schooling and home-offices. Hand-written notes alone will not fit anymore to the competition of the XXI Century" he claimed in several digital conferences in November.


Photo credit to Building A Second Brain (BASB)

His former ERA-trainee Dr.Alina Pukhovskaya (WebSite), who did PhD about Knowledge Management, discussed in her Newsletter some aspects of Personal Knowledge Management (Read More). Hallier believes the idea of a second brain and the basic technologies should be taught in the curricula of the first semester interdisciplinary. "I myself use the lockdown of Corona to file my archive and memories and to combine facts & personal emotions in a set not replicable by just algorithms" he added.

15.11.2020 : G-Global 2020

Like other organizations also G-Global decided for 2020 to go digitally! G-Global is headquartered in Astana/Nur-Sultan in Kazakhstan. The International Online Congress in 2020 is labelled "The world of the XXI century". It will be supported among others by the UN Executive and Social Council, UN Conferences on Trade and Development, the Astana Club of Nobel Prize Laureates, the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists, the National Academy of Natural Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Astana Economic Forum, the International Silk Road Mayors Forum.


Prof.Dr.B.Hallier is attending actively the Astana Economic Forum for more than a decade (see also Interview: Link 1), he was with the Eurasian Youth Forum successful supporter of the claim to organize EXPO 2017, he is member of EECS and partner of the G-Global community and the Silk Road Mayors Forum. This time he will participate in the slot of the Online-Global Universities Congress (see more: Program below). "Having visited India and Africa many times it is wonderful to be together in one slot with Ela Gandhi and Ndileka Mandela" he stated in a comment about the G-Global Conference.



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