16.04.2012: News Russia

According to Buying Power Russia is Worldwide the number 6 of all the countries. Within Russia the City of Moscow is the nucleus of buying power! This power-center will be extended by its area to become the bigger Moscow Region being 2.4 times larger than the city today.

The Moscow Government will organize a three day Retail Conference in July 2012 to inform about its ideas and to prepare a platform for all stakeholders interested in innovation of the total supply chain. The European Retail Academy will support this initiative (more via email)

25.01.2014 : GGU at Facebook

Another component of Global Green University project will be implementation of modern technology in the research. For this purpose was created a facebook page: www.facebook.com/globalgreenuniversity

This tool will assist in linking existing contacts and extending the network among those who are active online. Social media will be explored as a new tool for distribution and collection of information.

15.01.2020 : New Zealand

The Centre for Advanced Retail Studies (CARS) of Massey University/New Zealand joins as a new member the ERA-network. CARS is the only research center in New Zealand focused on the retail industry.


CARS also serves as a mechanism to connect and to promote themes of AgriFoodBusiness, Sustainability, Health and Wellbeing, and Society. For Prof.Dr.B.Hallier those topics fit exactly into the TUN-Thematic University Network (Food) : TUN-Link.

25.01.2015 : Beyond Borders

Due to the 25-years anniversary of the retail-chair of Anton Dreesmann jr.(1923-2000) at the University of Amsterdam the Dreesmann Foundation together with the Rabobank invited guests to Utrecht/Netherlands for a Conference with the title "Retailing Beyond Borders" (link pdf). The main point was the dynamic evolution of retail with its variety of retail concepts, more and quicker innovation even with mixed-up stores for shopping as a social activity - sometimes becoming a retail-lab under the supervision of the visiting consumers. Main reports therefore came from start-up entrepreneurs or companies being in transformation.

While the origin from Dreesmann started already in 1887 as Dreesmann and Vroom, Anton Dreesmann jr. developed the company to become the number 1 department-store of the Netherlands (69 stores), but also merging like with Bijenkorf to become Vendex or segmenting food and merging that category with de Boer Unigro to become Laurus. As a private person he was famous as an art-collector being met by Prof.B. Hallier in 1986 at an AIDA-Conference in Budapest. Now in Utrecht Frank Quix (photo) joined with his chair the network of the European Retail Academy.

05.01.2020 : CZ Retail Summit

For Central Europe the annual CZ Retail Summit in the city of Prague is according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier a conference brand based on 25 years of experience. In 2019 a total of 1103 participants (among them 125 speakers) attended this outstanding event - initiated in the beginning of the transformation from socialism towards market economy. "In the 90ies the success was in the cooperation between the VSE University under the leadership of Prof.Jiri Jindra, the national Government being present sometimes with several ministers and the retailers (starting later their own Trade Association)" Hallier stated explaining this light-house which had in 2019 also 72 commercial sponsors.


The VSE Prague later became co-founder of the European Retail Academy and in 2006 Prof.Jindra was as the first personality of the Hall of Fame honoured for bringing academia, trade and government together in Central Europe (Hall of Fame). In turn in 2011 VSE Prague honoured Prof.Dr.Hallier by a Dr.h.c. in an outstanding ceremony (Award Ceremony - VSE Prague).

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