28.08.2021 : Traditions & Visions

While according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier at school and for the BA-degree mainly "learning" is essential - for MA and PhD degrees the "inspiration" is becoming the main factor for success. Human Intelligence differs to AI in the additing of "emotio" to the input of "ratio". In a review about the history of the European Retail Academy he focused two events where emotions of "tradition" influenced the success story of the ERA-researchers. "The academic life-style of behaviour plus architecture of the Templeton College impressed our study group at the invitation of Prof.Dr.Ross Davies (see also Hall of Fame 2008) in Oxford very much" Prof.Hallier remembers "The flair/ spirit loci united our international expert team and became a driver of our team-spirit."

"A similar thrill was created at the Annual Meeting in 2011 at the award-ceremony of the VSE Prague by the Gaudeamus Igitur of the student chorus, the fanfares and the robes of the participating professors " (see YouTube VSE Prague)."Suddenly it was not just a meeting as an activity at that day - but the feeling was created that the audience had been part of a long string in a historical process : which again became a source of inspiration/vision for the development of future tasks - Especially in the disruptions by Corona it becomes obvious how much such interpersonal feelings are missed as a stimulus for the present student-community being limited to digital events" Prof. Hallier concluded.

20.08.2021 : Honour for G-Global

Being initiated by the first President of Kazakhstan, N.Nazarbayev , G-Global has enriched G7/8 and G20 by incorporating also the other nations around our globe into a neutral dialogue about the political and economical problems around the world . Now those efforts have been awarded by the permission for a Representative Office in China.

Prof.Dr.B.Hallier for a decade has been gratefully a supporter of the different G-Global initiatives. In an official statement he congratulates the Management of the International G-Global Secretariat for this remarkable step as uptill now only about 30 organizations like the UN, WHO and WTO have ben honoured like this.

05.08.2021 : Global Goals

Prof.Dr.Hallier demands fulfillment of Global Goals instead of outdated Geopolitics. "Geopolitical Thinking belongs to the last century when Colonialism dominated World Politics" the President of the European Retail Academy explained his philosophy. "Today we should act as a Global Community of Equals knowing that we should share respectfully the resources of the one planet on which we live all. We have to optimize together a world-model of economics, ecology and ethics".

As the best set of tools Hallier sees at the moment the UN Goals 2030. "Independantly from political or religious views of people from different countries this is a box of instruments which can be individually selected from to define own ways of fulfillment or which also globally can be used as a benchmark to compare the status quo scientifically : it reflects and respects global diversity - but aiming a global optimization; and last but not least it allows organizations of civil society, businesses, political bodies and science to participate with its input" Hallier defines the statement of the European Retail Academy.

28.07.2021 : Appointment Nitra /Slovakia

In 2011 the Agricultual University in Nitra/Slovakia founded the Visegrad University Association (VUA) to create cross-border summer-schools and joint MA- and PhD-programs .


Now the president of the European Retail Academy ,Prof.Dr.B.Hallier, is appointed member of the International Editorial Board of its scientific "Visegrad Journal on Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development in the Agrisector of V4-Countries and Cooperating Regions". The journal is published twice a year (digitally and as print version) .

18.07.2021 : Innovation Drivers

After the slow-downs/lock-downs in 2020 and 2021 the retail-industry now has to look forward to increase again its productivity/efficiency targets in 2022/2023 ! Covid 19 has reshaped structures and processes : new challenges for competition according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier.


" With the annual EuroCIS event and its three-annual umbrella exhibition EuroShop we fortunately have two internationally well-known brands as platforms for technology -innovations. They will help in the Post Covid Period to accellerate the transformation from theory to applied sciences to bring business again to top-performances " Prof.Hallier stated reviewing for an international seminar of the European Retail Academy EuroShop 2020 and the latest business-cycles (see: link YouTube Innovation Drivers).

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