15.05.2019 : Trade Innovation Cycles

Since 1800 the Trade Sector in Europe has run through major innovation cycles roughly every 25 years as Prof.Dr.B.Hallier showed in his former research on Applied Sciences. Now he defined the forthcoming changes for the distribution systems in the period 2025 - 2050.


Logarithms/AI will dominate the whole ordering, storing and distribution processes; the limitation of store-sizes will be challenged by unlimited assortments on Sales Platforms supported by the Internet of Things or influencers; neuro -marketing 02 will not only analyze the human brain of consumers but directly intervene in decisions; brick-and-stone markets will become cash-zone free; robotic delivery will go into first major field applications; know-how and investment will be bundled by across-sector mergers/joint ventures between retail/wholesale/data-pools/technology experts/ logistics/label-manufacturers and others : becoming partners in a world-wide "distribution machine".


02.05.2019 : Green Future

Originated in Sweden in 2018 political protests of young people started under the slogan "Fridays for Future". Meanwhile it became a worldwide movement and shows how concerned the young generation is about the climate change and green issues.

It is worth mentioning that already in May 2013 student delegates on the way from Yekaterinburg/Russia to the Astana Economic Forum/ Kazakhstan drafted a declaration under the leadership of Prof.Dr.M.Fedorov/USUE and Prof.Dr.B.Hallier/ERA which was signed by the Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.R.Chung/Korea as the first external professor - and which ended by the Site www.european-retail-academy.org/GGU/ (Global Green University) designed by Dr.Alina Pukhovskaya.


25.04.2019 : Wealth of Nations

After a nearly thirty years long hyper globalization cycle as a driver for innovation, world-trade and modern liberal society now there is the danger of an upcoming period of protectionism by populist, protectionist and national oriented platforms.

The Astana Economic Forum 2019 will focus on dangers like trade-wars or Brexit for the world economy. This hot topic of the AEF is for Prof.Dr.Hallier a chance to defend open market systems and the global growth of the wealth of nations. The Conference will be opened by the first President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev; key-speakers among others are Christine Lagarde/Managing Director IMF and Paul Romer/ Nobel Laureate Economics in 2018. More about the Program (Link).

15.02.2019 : AWC Gothenburg

The 28th Associations' World Congress (AWC) was organized in 2019 in Gothenburg/Sweden. Behind the Association of Association Executives (AAE) are 24.000 members and subscribers located in Europe, Africa, India and other countries/regions.

Prof.Dr.B.Hallier (at the photo together with Damian Hutt/Executive Director of AAE) praised the Swedish hospitality and the excellent opportunity to learn beyond the borders of the own sectors like in Gothenburg for example by case studies presented by the Volvo Group/Paul Welander or the Nobel Media AB/Laura Sprechmann.

05.04.2019 : Land/Food/Nature

Under the leadership of the Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development of the Agrarian University of Nitra/ Slovakia and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union a conference focused the topic "Land Protection" (see also european-retail-academy.org/TUN). 10 countries presented in 21 contributions the status quo of the legal frame to use land and discussed the relationship between land for food, forestry, tourism, and the other sectors of human life.

Prof.Dr.B.Hallier presented his holistic trias of economics, ecology and ethics and underlined that "the factor land" should not only be evaluated in terms of economic output, but should include in a formular also the UN-sustainability goals and the fair distribution between the different social groups - even globally. One point in this concept could be the trans-formation of a percentage of farmers into "landscape rangers" to preserve historical landscapes and to work for anti-climate change activities (full lecture: Download).

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