05.12.2019 : Hall of Fame 2020

ERA-president Prof.Dr.Hallier announced the 14th honored personality of the Hall of Fame : standing as the main focus for 2020 ! It is the Nobel Peace Award Winner of 2004 : Prof.Dr.Wangari Muta Maathari from Kenya - she got the Nobel Award for sustainable development, peace and democracy ( see also Hall of Fame).


"At the present time we have a renaissance of the fact-files about the limits of growth and the urgent need to optimize economics,ecology and ethics for a global house of harmony. On the other hand we have the disappointment about politics seeing that 50 years (half a century) have passed without any major changes for healing our world and common spiritual values. Prof. Maathari with her fights for better life should be a light-house for academia and decision-makers" Prof.Dr.Hallier said in his laudatio.

25.11.2019 : Social Media

Social Media platforms are becoming more and more important in the digital and global world. Within the ERA-network a special Site (EUCVOT) reports about experiences of exchange students with the focus "Communication" during their traineeships of vocational training. According to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier the main elements are to create a news, to place it in the media, to penetrate it and to check its results by ranking at Google and others.


The present two exchange students from Rovaniemi/Finland - Aleksi Kortesalmi and Jouko Miettunen - developed a YouTube video with the title "Pan Balkan Initiative" to explain the geopolitical frame and importance of the World Congress of Entrepreneurs' efforts to optimize the cooperation between governments, entrepreneurs and schools/universities within the civil society(Youtube Video).

15.11.2019 : Promoting Entrepreneurs

Starting in 2018 in Zagreb/ Croatia as an initiative of the civil society now in Skopje a second World Congress of Entrepreneurs followed in 2019 being hosted by Northern Macedonia. The idea is to bring together scientists, entrepreneurs and governments in an annual event circling around the territories of ex-Yugoslavia.


"The Conference is an ideal platform for speeding up the knowledge transfer about innovations" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier said. "I am very happy that we could integrate the competition for High Schools and Secondary Vocational Schools of Skopje into this event of great publicity! If we have an entrepreneurial youth and teachers promoting applied sciences we do not have to be afraid of the future" he added.

01.11.2019 : Darwin Effect

In 2011 Prof.Dr.B.Hallier has been awarded the title "doctor oeconomiae honoris causa" by the Czech VSE University in Prague (YouTube) for his innovations in Applied Trade Sciences and research on Trade Cycles as Sector Analysis. Those observations are now enhanced by statements about the time-lag between the innovative prototypes/initial kick-offs and the penetration status "major impact on operative business".


Starting with the changes in Western Europe in 1800 with the dominance of harbors/Colonial trade towards industrialized manufacture and consumer cooperatives, from 1875 onward department stores, retail cooperatives, catalogue mail orders leapfrogged the trade sector all 25 years, followed after World War II by self-service supermarkets, big boxes/ shopping centers and in the beginning of this millennium by internet (B2B/B2C). The same time-periods have been observed by Hallier in the development of the technical tool "barcoding" from the printed version (1975) via the chip-technology (2000) towards two-dimensional/QR codes and the Internet of Things. For Prof.Hallier this observation is a hint that for the penetration of innovation the real bottleneck are the human beings in their limited ability to adapt to changing environments quicker than one generation: he therefore speaks of the "Darwin Effect in Applied Trade Sciences".

23.10.2019 : In search of Benchmarks

Twenty years ago the image of innovative retail in China was created by the market-entrance of big boxes from the USA or Europe like Walmart, Carrefour, Metro or IKEA. The latest newcomer in this category is Costco. For Prof.Dr.B.Hallier there will be a change of mindset in the future. "Traffic jams are no incentives for longer shopping-distances. Small local shops with fresh assortments in connection with e-byke-delivery wil be the hot topic in future in Asia" he stated in his 4 weeks China lectures.

In Foshan nearly 60 Chinese retailers attended his one-day-seminar about the success-story of the German discounter ALDI and its different approach in the UK or in Shanghai's test market (Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6, Picture 7). Interviewed by CCTV in the ALDI store Hallier claimed that those missing China as a market will decline in global competence (see also CCTVplus). For him retail is changing its benchmark: innovation in this century will be driven by Asia!

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