10.08.2020 : MainStreams/ Disruptions

For the time since 1800 Prof.Dr.Hallier explored and described innovation-cycles of trade (wholesale/retail) which occur roughly all 25 years. Now he is listing disruptions which result in economic/social impacts/change of mainstreams of centuries.

15th Luca Pacioli innovates the transparency of trade (flow of capital) by the system of "double bookkeeping" - being used by Jakob Fugger to build up the Fugger Empire

16th Johannes Gutenberg breaks the monopoly of publications via monchs/monestries by printing machines

17th David Ricardo discovers the comparative advantages of specialization and increases by this the dynamics in international trade : leading also to the trade triangle UK - Africa - USA

18th Steam engines drive the scale of industrial mass-production and shift by this the dominance of skills towards the price

19th retail is switching from open market-places towards brick-stone architecture becoming part of city-planning and of a new urban life-style / Commenwealth Century

20th the overall availability of products leads to mass-consumption / marketing enables the hidden persuasion/ US Century

21st the internet lowers the costs of global communication (partly to zero) and is increasing transparency of supply (products as well as human resources) ; consumers become empowered by social media and change from local brick and stone towards global digital store formats / Asian Century

"This century started with Consumerism uniting the Western World with the former Eastern Block, China and India" Prof.Dr.Hallier explained in a lecture History&Future. " But Covid 19, the Warming of the Globe and political disruptions for trade are damaging that main-stream of the last century. We have to reconsider Old Thinking and to come to a Balance between Economics, Ecology and Ethics - which also means no longer the geopolitical dominance of one area/country block but a balance of several options cooperating by common standards and world-wide accepted institutions" Hallier added.

30.07.2020 : Fit for Disruptions

Due to the global spread of Covid 19 and its economic disruptions suddenly for many people in a lot of countries dreams about personal future life/businesses are spoilt from one day to the other ! It becomes obvious that it is not enough to have passed exams in Business Theory BUT one has to be MENTALLY FIT for Disruption. "We have neglected this aspect in education of human resources" Prof.Dr.Hallier stated for the European Competence Center for Vocational Training LINK .

On the other hand in philosophy for more than 2000 years "The art to Live" is discussed - and is even part of the school schedule for art therapists at the Alanus University/Germany. The EUCVOT exchange trainee from Bulgaria , Nora Tinova LINK, has documented such educational units at the Open Days 2015 : more LINK YouTube.

20.07.2020 : The Role of Academia

University research is optimizing the intelectual dispute between a "thesis" and an "anti-thesis" . To define the state of art of the thesis literature covering the choosen topic has to be checked and within a deductive process to be analyzed which scientific mosaic stones could be enlarged or reordered for a new knowledge-picture or if a whole thesis could be replaced by a new view : culminating sometimes even by a Nobel Award.

Applied Sciences on the other hand is an inductive process : adding one case to the next case to get a representative sample big enough for a theoretical approach. But the real main point according to Prof.Hallier is that Applied Sciences always is step for step by its analysis and application in business a driver of innovation due to improved productivity/ efficiency in the real world; last but not least in its accumulation it determines the annual GNP of each country. "In a crisis it is not only fiscal policy or monetary action BUT a new stream of thought from applied sciences which is stimulating economies" he stated explaining the difference of national success in the last 75 years. "Low interest rates or a higher monetary volume are not enough at the entrepreneurial level for growth of the real economy which in the end is the indicator for sustainable development." he added "Stock Exchanges only present expectations ; they are indicators of speculation". LINK about VSE-honours for Prof.Hallier's Business Cycle Observations.

10.07.2020 : Innovation/Penetration

In 1994/96 Prof.Dr.Hallier initiated as an anti-crisis response to the British Cow Desease (BSE) in the AgriBusiness the German tracing/ tracking system Orgainvent for cows and beef which later was the basis for EU-regulations ( see pic "From Crisis to Competence" and Link "Tils Cutting House"). 25 years later the historic review and proposals for application within Developing Economies in the Reader about Animal Sourced Food published by Prof. Dr. I.M.Khan from the University of Faisalabad/Pakistan shows how long global penetration of innovation in the food chain needs! See also the YouTube-Link TILS-Cuttinghouse


In 2020 Prof.Hallier demands as a response to COVID-19 to add to the standards of global food distribution an enlargement of the focus HACCP and also a Chapter about Social Welfare for Labour : "We are all in a Responsibility Chain in global suppply : we cannot claim targets for animal welfare while neglecting the human beings" he stated demanding an equilibrium between Economics, Ecology and Ethics.

30.06.2020 : New Thinking Needed

Comparing political developments between 2010 and 2020 Prof.Dr.Hallier sees an urgent need for New Thinking : "We unfortunately destroyed by national egoism international organisational frames of trust and security in the last decade" he states at the start of the German Presidency of the EU. "Corona and the Climate Change should teach us the need for joint global action for human survival".

For Hallier unilateral trade sanctions are crime against humanity; tools like the "veto" at the UN are outdated for him because they are based on global hegemony after World War II or even still part of the colonial centuries. He demands equal votes like at the OSZE also for the UN to become a globe of equals. For Hallier G-Global could be helpful as a bridge for new thinking between East and West.

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