04.02.2022 : Life Balance Nature

Business life in the 21st century is speeding up due to new technologies like smartphones, clouds, permanent short-time availability.Therefore nature as a long-time environment for living is an important balance for the soul of the human beings. Land Protection and Bio-Diversity are conditions sine qua non for Life/Work Balance to understand the complex system of our globe - as well as Art as a different way of awareness is an additional fuel for Emotio of Human Development according to the opinion of Prof.Dr.B.Hallier.


Situated in the "King's Forest" in Roesrath - a Green Belt" next to the city of Cologne/Germany - he used for his house for heating geothermic systems, electricity supported by photovoltaic and saving the rain-water in a pond digged by himself . "We should not only use nature - but each individual person should also protect nature" is his and his neighbours motto who promote jointly also art to turn their village into "an open gallery" as a new way of living in harmony.

The winter-picture within this news demonstrates "calming down for nature and people" .

30.01.2022 : Empowered Logistics

Within his analysis of innovation-cycles in retail Prof.Dr.B.Hallier sees an enlargement of the definition "institutionalized retail/wholesale" by additional players like Logistics or Data Collection/Mining which might be "functional retailers" either in a Retail Knowledge Consortium (RKC) or even by a mix of functions creating own direct consumer retail-relationships online/offline. One of the additional drivers to focus more logistics in 2021/22 are due also to Corona the present problems in the just-in-time delivery in the global supply chain and another one the increase of home-delivery of food. "Both factors determine already the speed of change within the next 25 years : new players become big game-changers" Hallier stated at a visit of the DHL Innovation Center.


Also ERA-cooperators are in hot pursuit of those new trends. On June 29th -July 1st 2022 the Silesian University of Technology will jointly organize in Katowice/ Poland the XIV International Scientific Conference about transport problems ( more via aleksander.sladkowski@polsl.pl) and in autumn the University of Osijek / Croatia will follow with its 22nd International Conference on business logistics ( more via davor.dujak@efos.hr )

20.01.2022 : Circle Conference Malta

The 18th Annual Circle Conference will be jointly organized by the University of Gloucestershire/UK and the Institute of Tourism Studies Malta at April 20 - 22nd 2022 : taking place hybrid in Malta. More details : lreid1@glo.ac.uk / claire.malia@its.edu.mt


"The Circle Conferences are established to provide the opportunity for young scholars, practitioners and PhD-students to have their own work validated and benchmarked within the benevolent academic and professional community of colleagues from different countries - and they give the chance by the rotation between different nations from Conference to Conference to get to know diverse cultures while attending which is important for cosmopolitan leaders" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier stated.

15.01.2022 : ERA-Webinars

"The Covid pandemic impact has speeded up digital/long-distance teaching in the University Sector" Prof.Dr.Hallier summarized the experience from 2021. "Also thinking in terms of cross-border cooperation costs for teaching might be reduced by joint Webinars while even be optimized by using expertise of specialists jointly by groups of universities".


Dr.Violena Nencheva from Sofia supported the network of the European Retail Academy from May 2020 digitally from Bulgaria ; additionally she gave far-distance lessons in Mexico. Based on this expertise Prof.Dr.Hallier decided to start in 2022 ERA-Webinars and to make Dr.Violena Nencheva the ERA-Webinar-Coordinator ( (CV Dr.V.N.) ) . The first ERA-Webinar is planned to take place in March , dealing with the UN Sustainability Goals , the second one will focus Innovations in Economies.

24.12.2021 : CityPlanning Russia

Ten years after the German reunification and due to the expansion of retailers like METRO, Saturn, Globus, IKEA to Moscow Prof.Dr.Hallier started to teach "International Trade Marketing" in Russia. In 2003 he became Professor honoris causa at the Moscow State University for Management - helping also to promote the exhibition Shop Design Russia.


In 2010 B.Hallier together with N.Vlasova and O.Voytsekhovsky edited the English/Russian reader "City and RegionalMarketing : Concepts, Trends, Case Studies" in which 25 international experts contributed their experiences. Now in December 2021 HSE Moscow and the State University of Management organized both together a hybrid Conference to discuss the latest state of art of City- and Regional Planning/Marketing. Prof.Dr.B.Hallier was asked to give a lecture based on his experience and innovation forecasts ( see :link).

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