05.12.2021 : Global Goals

Prof.Dr.Hallier demands fulfillment of Global Goals instead of outdated Geopolitics. "Geopolitical Thinking belongs to the last century when Colonialism dominated World Politics" the President of the European Retail Academy explained his philosophy. "Today we should act as a Global Commu5ity of Equals knowing that we should share respectfully the resources of the one planet on which we live all. We have to optimize together a world-model of economics, ecology and ethics".

As the best set of tools Hallier sees at the moment the UN Goals 2030. "Independantly from political or religious views of people from different countries this is a box of instruments which can be individually selected from to define own ways of fulfillment or which also globally can be used as a benchmark to compare the status quo scientifically : it reflects and respects global diversity - but aiming a global optimization; and last but not least it allows organizations of civil society, businesses, political bodies and science to participate with its input" Hallier defines the statement of the European Retail Academy.

25.11.2021 : Challenge 21st Century

G-Global and the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists will hold in December the Congress : "G-global World of the 21st Century". This international project is aimed at consolidating all interested countries to improve the sustainability of the global economy, the effectiveness of its management, wide discussion and solutions to global and regional security, promoting development for investments and human capital. The Congress will be attended by the top management of the United Nations, former and current leaders of countries and governments, heads of big business, Nobel Prize winners and other global expers and world-class practitioners.


"After a century of Colonialism and after a century of big political blocks dividing the world after World War II this Congess offers the scope of a century of equal participation despite the size or history of each country and independant from its political or religious believes" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier (member of the Eurasian Economic Club) stated. "Taken the transformation of Kazakhstan starting from independence under the leadership of its First President N.Nazarbayev and the development with its function as a bridge in Eurasia between China and Europe , new views about Ecology by Expo 2017 it could become a World Heritage-example of global peaceful cooperation of equal partners in the 21 st Century." Hallier added.

15.11.2021 : Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is organizing in November a hybrid Event: Centralasian Sustainability Forum. It is worth to be mentioned that the mentor is Prof.Dr. Mikhail Fedorov, a very good friend of Prof.Dr.B.Hallier. Both created together with Prof.Dr.Oleg Oshkordin and their Eurasian Youth Forum on a train-trip from Yekaterinburg/Russia to Nur Sultan/Kazakhstan a statement to found a Global Green University which was signed also by the Korean Nobel Laureate Raekwong Chung. The GGU got its own HomeSite www.european-retail-academy.org/GGU designed by Dr.Alina Pukhovskaya.


"It is very important to create parallel to the revitalization of the traditional Silk Road also an academic network to promote the latest know how of Sustainability to the Stan-countries like Pakistan, Tadjikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. We need this cross-border dialogue because there is only one world which we share all together independently of our local/regional political views or religious believes." Prof.Dr.Hallier stated as a welcome address to the Centralasian Sustainability Forum.

05.11.2021 : University of Central Punjab

The UCP Business School of the University of Central Punjab, Lahore in Pakistan becomes the latest member of the European Retail Academy as Prof.Dr.B.Hallier informed his network welcoming this step to tighten also the strings to Asia.


The UCP Business School will organize its 7th International Conference on Contempory Issues in Business Management with the topic "Emerging Business Opportunities and Challenges : Covid 19 Perspective". The Event will be digitally offered at Nov. 22nd/23rd 2021 : more Website address:( "See page ").

25.10.2021 : Adriatic Fair

The Adriatic Fair in Budva/Montenegro is seen by Prof.Dr.Hallier not only as a business meeting but also as a geopolitical key of understanding : " It is as well a chance to interconnect the territories of the former Jugoslavia as also also the West-Balkan with the European Union" ( see Interview YouTube Budva) .


Budva was also the starting point of the PanBalkanInitiative of Prof.Hallier and Prof.Zaric. The ERA-professors see a lot of the controversial discussions in today's politics based on the not solved problems of the time of the clashes between the Oriental Osman Empire and the Austrian-Hungarian Habsburg Monarchy ( "See You Tube PBI "). Both hope to contribute by their crossborder academic networks to improve relations by exchanges of students and teachers.

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