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15.05.2018 : Ars Vivendi

Work-life studies expect from former students not only theoretical know-how but also cultural and interdisciplinary abilities as Marie-Christin Hallier (Photo) explains by her own CV ( but working with children in McGregor/South Africa at a German-Russian workshop about Autism and DownSyndrom at the Tretyakov-Gallery in Moscow/Russia.

"We prefere not to speak about people being ill but people being different" she said about her work as an art therapist."At the Alanus University we learnt to understand ourselves (YouTube) but working with children in McGregor/South Africa (YouTube) or Nairobi/Kenya (YouTube) was to get practical insights into other cultures and social focus points. What is normal can be very different byethnical heritage or by local circumstances."


21.04.2018 : Bloggs and YouTubes

ln 2009 after a one-week-crash-course in BudweislCZ students surprised Prof.Hallier by establishing the Site to show what they learnt about City Marketing and how to create an impact on public opinion via Communication.

ln 20L2 then for the first time Nikolay Kalmin/Russia and Petri Hyvärinen /Finland described the intercultural learnings of ERA-traineeships in Germany ( LINK ). Now Daniel Haakila and Roni Suomalainen both from Rovaniemi/Finland act as Ambassadors by introducing their city to the EUCVOT-Community (YouTube).


25.03.2018 : Eric Telkkälä

Being for two months trainee at the European Retail Academy the exchange Eric Telkkälä from Rovaniemi published, beside his other tasks, three YouTube videos about his experiences.

The first YouTube video is about the Russian General Consulate in Bonn, the second one about the exhibitions EuroShop/EuroCIS and the last one about "My experience of German apprenticeship".


25.02.2018 : Social Media Training

For more than six years trainees from Finland come to the European Retail Academy to get knowledge of markets and universities and to use their IT-skills in the transformation of those infos into news at ERA-Sites or within YouTube videos. Some of the students can be seen in the Collage.

The first YouTube video, created in 2012, was about the Alanus University in Bonn-Alfter - the second in close connection of a student art-exhibition in the City of Düren. More about technologies in retail could be seen at the METRO FUTURE Store Concept - and about tracing and tracking in the processing of meat by the YouTube Cuttinghouse TILS.


30.01.2018 : Exchange from Finland

The next ERA exchange is again from Rovaniemi: Eric Telkkälä. In his school back in Finland he was in a team taking part in the "Ambassador's Entrepeneurial Challenge", reaching the finals as the only team from Lapland.

Eric will stay for two months at the ERA-HQ and mainly work at the ERA-Sites, also helping to establish the latest special at: ERA BUN which will link history and future of the cities around the Baltic Sea. While being in Germany he will visit nearby cities like Cologne, Bonn and Duesseldorf; he will be also at the Technology Show EuroCIS or at cultural events like the local carnival (photo above) - made in Roesrath: HQ of the European Retail Academy (see more about Roesrath: YouTube video made by Jyri Törmänen, ERA Alumni).


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