06.01.2017: Food Waste Management

Within the EU-Consortium "FORWARD" the European Retail Academy took part with studies about the German food market and the design and marketing of the EU-project on internet. Prof.Hallier was supported from the ERA-Team by Alina Pukhovskaya, Sampsa Hyvari and Valto Vaaraniemi. The introductions of the chapters were also later published in a print-version: Download eBook.

In 2017 Alina Pukhovskaya compares the Food Bank system of Mexico versus Food Banks in other regions. Prof. Hallier will push this topic at the First Food Waste Conference in Kenya/Africa in the end of March 2017 (see the news of 15.11.2016). Hallier sees this content as a part of a Global House of Harmony between Economics, Ecology and Ethics. His daughter Marie-Christin Hallier will start with partners from her international Art-Club (Link) at the same time an "Awareness Exhibition for the problem of Food Waste" at the National Gallery of Nairobi and paint with street-children for motivation.

15.12.2016: Philip Alexander Nobel

Prof.Dr.B.Hallier did choose the Almaty Investment Forum in Kazakhstan (Read more) to proclaim in the presence of the Swedish Ambassador Christian Kamill and 500 delegates from politics, finance, investors, facility management and education the late Philip Alexander Nobel posthume the Personality of 2017 of the Hall of Fame of the European Retail Academy (ERA).

Hallier pointed out in his statement that Philip Alexander Nobel (at the photo) had been Advisor of the Eurasian Economists Club of Sciences helping to build-up the Astana Club of Nobel Laureates, backing G-global and the topic of Sustainability for the EXPO 2017. For him Philip Nobel was a bridge-builder not only between Europe and Asia but a global thinker and a gentleman dedicated to support young people.

15.11.2016: Post Harvest Congress

Within a Global House of Harmony between Economics, Ecology and Ethics the care for Africa has to be empowered Prof.Dr.Hallier stated in view of the strategic tasks for the upcoming five years. The change of climate, the inequality of living standards and the necessary increase of food security worldwide needs an optimization of the value chains with fair trade practices. Knowledge of Logistics, Storage and Processing has to be distributed urgently to SMEs in the Third World.

The European Retail Academy will support the Congress by input and dissemination, by an additional art-exhibition about Food Waste at the Nairobi National Gallery in cooperation with the Association of International Artists (Link) and by workshops for underprivileged school-children.

15.10.2016: Africa Against Food Losses

The World Food Preservation Center will organize together with the University of Nairobi / Kenya on March 29th-31st, 2017 a first African Conference against Food Waste. It will be supported also by Prof. Dr. Hallier from the European Retail Academy; and pushed by an awareness exhibition about Food Waste organized by the international association of artists (LINK).

WFPC and ERA stand also for Education: the picture shows Dr. Gustav Mahuna from Ghana after his post harvest PhD degree under supervision of Prof.Hongyin Zhang of Jiangsu University/China. At the moment also Russian ERA-collaborator Alina Pukhovskaya (CV), working in Mexico, is writing her PhD about Food Banks supervised by Vitez-University of Bosnia-Herzogewina.

15.09.2016: Conference on Food Insecurity, Mexico City

On September 9th the second colloquium with the topic “Strategies to reduction of food insecurity: private and social sector in collaboration” took place in Mexico City. The conference was organized by one of the oldest Mexican food banks Alimento Para Todos I.A.P. (APT) in the prominent university IBERO. Among other topics were discussed: the relation of education and obesity, strategies to reduction of food waste, and governmental project for development of rural communities suffering from food insecurity (PESA).

The conference finalized with the panel discussion. On the foto: from left to right Segio Barceló Infante (Director, APT), Alina Pukhovskaya (Doctorate Candidate / CV), Federico Gonzalez Celaya (President, BAMX), Ana Bertha Perez Lizaur (President, APT), Jose Berlanga de la Peña (Manager, Foundation LALA) and Dr. Roberto Solano Mendez (Professor, UDLAP).

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