17.01.2021 : Long-run Experience

In 1977 Germany's first pioneer of scanning the Suedmarkt/Carl Doderer informed by a letter its suppliers about the possibility to use in future the EAN bar-code. Accidentally B.Hallier at that time received a copy as an assistant of the Board of Brinkmann Cigarettes responsible for automation/innovation. He immediately started a dialogue with the CCG (today GS 1 Germany) management to analyze the system and to take action from the side of the Branded Goods Industry to integrate the bar-code into the product-design of the brands because the print at the products saved costs at the store-levels for the manual instore-merchandise by staff of industry as well as retailers. The bar-code helped to identify products immediately at the cash-zone by scanners and decreased costs in inventories.


In 1984 Hallier changed from industry to retail becoming CEO of the ISB Institute for Self-Service, merging in 1988 ISB with RGH which owned 50 percent of the shares of the predecessor of GS 1 Germany. By this Hallier could follow very closely for 25 years the next development : the generation of chip-codes which enabled with bigger data-capacities and in connection with RFID optimizations in the distribution like shelf-management/ECR etc. "Also the METRO FUTURE STORE was pushed by a booth of more than 2000 squaremeters at our EuroShop exhibition" Prof.Dr.Hallier remembers. Since 2019 Hallier is now involved in the QR-code development of the Two-dimensional Code Industry (ZIIOT) in China. "It will be an essential tool for AI and also revolutionize distribution by the link with the Internet of Things " Hallier forecasts. "I am thankful for nearly 50 years to be able to be so close to decision-makers at the different sides of the table" he summarizes his long-run experience.

05.12.2020 : Change of view

In context with her 10 meters painting „Earth and Cosmos" for her Bachelor of Art at the Alanus University/Germany in 2012 and her continuing intellectual concern of a holistic view for the macro¬situation Marie-Christin Hallier started in 2020 a new work-cycle labelled „Omnis Mundis Creatura „ defending the micro-cosmos of animals. „This is a response of the dramatic impact of the climate change and wrong human behaviour concerning the habitat and biodiversity" she explained at an exhibition . „l did choose the format of small aquarell paintings as a symbol for the small micro¬cosmos being different for each animal and small in relation to the macro-view - but also as a hint that even small actions can help in a wake-up call: because the world be shown in those paintings might be seen no longer in the real world soon" she added.

The interdependence of each micro-cosmos with the others can be understood for example in the Corona Pandemie : in public discussions Bats have caused it - but in M.-C. Hallier's view it had been human beings who entered the territory and natural destination of the animals. „Humans and Animals have to respect each others in a macro-cooperation , because there is only one planet which has to be shared by human beings, animals and plants" she stated. Her triptychon of Bats show the resting one in the middle framed by two flying ones. In analogy also Corona might have sleepy and active phases ! „Bats keep distance to each other during flights : so should do human beings among each other but also in respecting the micro-cosmos of animals and plants." is her claim.

25.10.2020 : Joint Standards

For a second time the EUCVOT/ERA Team IS supported by the University of National and World Economy from Sofia/Bulgaria. Violena Nencheva studied there her Bachelor Studies and currently she is doing her PhD. (Linkedin: VIOLENA NENCHEVA) . Her Master Violena did at the University of Dauphine in Paris/France. In addition, during her PhD studies she did various exchange programs at the Autonomous University of Querétaro/Mexico.

As a far-distance student Violena created the Spanish version of (www.european-retail-academy.org/TUN) which is a thematic University network to communicate the philosophy of standards for food from farm to fork which is for Prof.Dr.Hallier one of the keys for green marketing.

30.09.2020 : Loss of BioDiversity

The Climate Change results in nature in a loss of BioDiversity : more and more plants, flowers and animals get lost. "For me as an artist having travelled also to countries in Africa like Namibia, South Africa, Botswana and Kenya with vast unsettled areas I know how important the natural environment is for the development of plants and animals as well as for the human beings. We are all a macro-cosmos linked with each other. It seems that many emotional impressions which I still got during my travels will be irreplaceable lost for future generations!" Marie-Christin Hallier stated presenting some of her pictures of her collection Omnis Mundi Creatura in Germany.

M.-C. had studied art(BA) and art therapy(MA) at the Alanus University in Germany (see more at) and exhibited among others in Kenya parallel to a Food Waste Conference (Link Vernissage Kenya).

20.08.2020 : Food security around the world

The International Youth Day, observed by the United Nations, is every August 12. This year, 2020, International Youth Day focuses on the theme of youth engagement for global action. Across the world, it’s often our youngest citizens who are at the forefront of social movements—against gun violence, for more sustainable climate change policies, to bring an end to food insecurity and food injustice.


Food insecurity has been also a topic for the on-line conference of the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN). The conference organized on the 12-13 of August was entitled: Post-Harvest Management in Sub-Saharan Africa. Across the world, communities are losing control of their local agricultural land. In land grabs around the world, wealthy investors are purchasing plots without community consent and using them to grow profitable crops for export, instead of feeding the local population. That is why the food security is so important for the world population.

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