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15.08.2019 : Worldleader ANUGA

ANUGA is the abbreviation of the German heading "Allgemeine Nahrungs- und Genussmittel-Ausstellung" - shortly translated : exhibition for food products . It was founded in 1919 in Stuttgart, followed in the next years by exhibitions in Munich, Hannover, Berlin and Magdeburg. In 1924 it moved to Cologne, which was also a political demonstration as at that time the Cologne area was separated after World War I from the rest of Germany. In fact it remained in that town uptill today.


After World War II the fair was run bi-annually. Since 2003 ANUGA was labelled "10 special shows under one roof" aiming to promote ten food segments like "milk-products", "meat". In 2017 a total of 7400 companies from 107 countries exhibited at ANUGA - being visited by 165 000 food specialists from 198 countries. In 2017 also at ANUGA the special Site was launched as a Thematic University Network to promote standards for food and food education. (Download Presentation)

05.07.2019 : VUA Summer School

In 2011 in Nitra/Slovakia the Visegrad University Association (VUA) was founded as an international network for academia of agriculture - Prof.Dr.Hallier became honorary member to connect VUA with the Total Supply Chain.There are mainly three tools of VUA : Symposia mostly in connection with the Annual Meetings, joint diploma for MBA and Phd and Summer Schools.

The VUA Summer School 2019 will be held from July 30ies to August 12th organized jointly by the Belgorod State Agricultural University and by the Michurinsk State Agrarian University. Students will get 4 credits for the 44 academic hours. ( more : Download PDF file)

17.05.2019 : TUN-Partner Turkistan

At the Astana Economic Forum 2019 in Nur-Sultan/Kazakhstan the Turkistan Higher Agrarian College from Shymkent/Kazakhstan signed a MOU with Prof.Dr.B.Hallier to join the Thematic University Network Food ( for bi- and multi-lateral exchange of knowledge and skills.

Its director Gaukhar Bekberggenova hopes especially to get a transfer of vocational competences along the Total Supply Chain for her staff and students. The cooperation gives also potential input for the hot topic of Food Security in Kazakhstan and the OIC-area (Download eBook).

15.06.2019 : Animal Sourced Food

Prof.Dr.M.I. Khan from the National Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFSAT) of the University of Agriculture in Faisalabad/Pakistan published together with his colleague Aysha Sameen a Reader about Animal Sourced Foods for Developing Economies.


Prof.Dr.B.Hallier contributed a chapter with the history of building systems for tracing/tracking of cows and beef within the British Cow Desease 1994/1996 which resulted later in EU-regulations and applied systems like Orgainvent who's founding president he was at that time (see also Tils Cutting House).

20.04.2019 : FANRPAN

FANRPAN is the abriviation for Food Agriculture ans Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network and is operating for the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa ( COMESA ) .

In 2019 Prof.Sidi Osho was elected to Chair the Board. She is an Award winning lady being also the founder and president of the Sidi Osho Foundation ( SOF ) leading initiatives for education, entrepreneurship, food security, youth,gender and women empowerment.

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