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09.10.2017 : Thematic University Network

As already announced in the Preview for ANUGA based on the preparations for the 200 years Anniversary of the University of Bonn the two international networks EQA (Education Qualification Alliance) and ERA (European Retail Academy) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to institutionalize a Thematic University Network (TUN) to promote holistic Research about food/health/sustainability and the Penetration of knowledge and standards along the Total Supply Chain from farm to fork.

Source: Michal Obszarski, EQA

Vision and Mission of TUN were explained jointly by Prof.Dr.Petersen/EQA and University of Bonn and Prof.Dr.Hallier/ERA (Download Presentation). The MOU was signed by the Chairman of the Board of EQA (Christian Gruetters) and Prof.Hallier for ERA; in additional bi-lateral contracts the University of Debrecen/Hungary and University of Chapingo/Mexico signed already during the ANUGA presentation. Pre-contracts are already in preparation for universities from Poland, Romania and Russia. All those professors represent together the ACADEMIC BOARD which will supervise the following strategic, tactical and operational steps.

15.09.2017 : Networking Standards

Prof.Dr.B.Petersen and Prof.Dr.B.Hallier will use ANUGA 2017 and in 2018 "200 Years University of Bonn"-Celebrations to link the penetration and education about Quality Standards from farm to fork globally . "Pre-farm and post-harvest optimization have to be linked for a Total Responsibility Chain" Hallier stated in a preview for ANUGA in Cologne/Germany.

Europe was shocked in 1994/96 by the British Cow Desease BSE ; the first tracking/tracing system for cows and beef was started European wide in close cooperation between farmers, slaughter- and cutting-houses, meat distributors and retail ; for Germany Hallier created ORGAINVENT as the institutionalization of the system : see also the YouTube-Link TILS-Cuttinghouse (made by exchange students from Finland). The bi-langual Reader "Von der Krise zur Kompetenz/ From Crisis to Competence" can be used internationally as well as the YouTube for teachings.

15.08.2017 : International Quality Platform

On Oct.8th 2017 at ANUGA a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed among others between EQA and European Retail Academy to promote research and penetration of know-how about Quality Assurance.

The Food Exhibition Anuga was founded in 1919 as an exhibition rotating between German cities. Since 1924 it is permanently based in Cologne and exhibits biannually. It is the world-leader in its sector, covering about 300.000 square meters, being attended in 2017 by about 7200 exhibitors, being about 90 percent foreigners. " An excellent platform for international contacts" Prof.Dr.Hallier stated in his invitation to his network of professors .

15.07.2017: Save Food III

In 2013 the network "Save Food" was founded at the Interpack Exhibition of Messe Duesseldorf in Germany - today it has about 900 supporters from all regions of the world and from all sectors along the Total Supply Chain from farm to fork! The photo shows the CEO of Messe Duesseldorf, W. Dornscheidt, at the founding conference in 2013 together with the former UNEP-Director-General Prof.Dr.K.Toepfer and ERA-President Prof.Dr.B.Hallier.

At its third World Conference Save Food presented among many other case-studies an example about mangos in Kenya. In the past, in times of over-supply they became food waste. Now in a pilot-project they are sliced, dried, packed and finally exported. Prof.Dr.Hallier decided to support this project in Kenya together with the Education Qualification Alliance (EQA)/Bonn and Warsaw and by Globalgap to educate about 200 mango-farmers towards Globalgap Certification. The potential annual volume for export might go step by step to about 30.000 tons. Partner for the vocational and academic training will be the University of Nairobi.

15.06.2017 : Globalgap

After starting in 1994/96 tracing/tracking for beef and cows as an anti-crisis tool against the mad cow-desease/BSE the EHI Retail Institute started in 1997 to create Eurepgap/Globalgap as a proactive Food Safety Concept for fruit and vegetables. Now 20 years later Prof.Dr.B.Hallier and the Globalgap-CEO Dr.Kristian Moeller remember proudly the GlobalG.A.P. Milestones 1997-2017 being edited as a book for distribution at universities.

In 2017 GlobalG.A.P. is the internationally recognized standard for farm production and food safety/sustainability. It is integrating the Total Supply Chain as its membership split shows: 12 percent coming from retail, 42 percent being associate members and 46 percent suppliers.

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