20.09.2017 : CORP Vienna

Having in 2015 its annual conference in Ghent/Belgium and in 2016 in Hamburg/Germany Real CORP - the international organization of city planners - celebrated its three-day-event 2017 at the Technical University (TU) of Vienna/Austria under the title "Panta Rhei : a world in constant motion".

The President of the European Retail Academy , Prof. Dr.B.Hallier (at the photo together with CORP-organizer Manfred Schrenk, the Chief Data Officer of the city of Vienna, Gerhard Hartmann, and the innovation-experts Gerti Neubauer and Stefan Fazekas both from the city of Graz) promotes CORP and was lecturing in Vienna about the Revitalization of the historic Silk Road and taking part in an innovation panel.

15.09.2017 : Innovation Forum Astana

Within the EXPO Astana Concept the platform G-Global and partners organized the first Innovation Forum for the Silk Road Area at the Nazarbayev University next to the EXPO exhibition area. Among others for G-Global M.Karimsakov and N.Achilov participated, Prof.H. Barabaner and Prof.Dr.B.Hallier from the Eurasian Club of Scientists and the Korean Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.Rae Kwon Chung.

Prof.Dr.Chung and Prof.Dr.Hallier agreed in their speeches that a Green Economy can be profitable already in the medium-term for companies and countries and that a Global House of Harmony has to focus Ecology first being based on economic and ethical balances. The Silk Road Revitalization could contribute according to all speakers to those values. The European Retail Academy started in 2017 its new AEUC platform (european-retail-academy.org/AEUC) to promote the historical understanding of the area and to give new retail/wholesale initiatives an international platform.

30.08.2017 : APRCE 2017

Biannually since 1983 the Asian Pacific Retailers Association is organizing a three-days Congress and Exhibition which is rotating in the area: having started in Tokyo/Japan, being in 1985 in Seoul/South Korea and in 1987 in Hong Kong. In 2015 the Exhibition was in Manila/Philippines and it will be held in 2017 (Oct. 25th-27th) in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia.

The APRCE-Event is also ranked very high politically. In 1983 it was graced by the Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone - and in 2015 attended by the Philippine President H.E. Benigno S. Aquino III (Link APRCE Manila). In Manila Prof.Dr.B.Hallier was very happy to exchange words again with the Honorary President of AEON, Takuya Okada-san, who is also co-founder of the Asian Pacific Retailers Association (see also AEON History in the LINK).

20.08.2017 : Revitalization Concepts

Vienna was already becoming Capital in 1804 - at that time of the Royal Austrian Empire. In 1814/15 the Vienna Congress decided about the new political structure of Europe after the Napoleon War. Today its City Center as well as the Castle Schoenbrunn belong to the UNESCO World Heritage.

In September 2017 the 22nd International Conference of REAL CORP (List of presentations) about the present urban revitalization case-studies worldwide will be organized by the Technical University of Vienna, www.corp.at, www.isocarp.org - and supported like at the last Conferences in Hamburg and Ghent by the European Retail Academy. Prof.Dr.B.Hallier will speak about the Silk Road Revitalization.

10.08.2017 : Division or Unity

The peaceful summer picture of Luebeck-Bay at the Baltic Sea - painted by M.-C. Hallier - should remind us of the values of Peace: in 1945 this spot was the grave for some hundred refugees being torpedoed by a submarine while trying to escape World War II; untill 1989 it was part of the military border between East and West Germany! Now the human beings of East and West can jointly use its gorgeous beaches and can travel without any formalities across the borders to the neighboring beaches of Poland or the Baltic States!

The city of Luebeck/Germany was also a key-town for the HANSE-partnership: uniting the trade of Scandinavia, Germany and the Baltic States in the middle ages. Its "brick-stone Gothic of the churches and houses" built by the HANSE-traders can still be seen all around the coast of the Baltic Sea.

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