20.12.2017 : Prof. Dr. P. Bielik

In 2006 ERA started to honour each year a personality from the scope of its activities to focus his research as a benchmark for the ERA-platform and for motivation of the ERA-Youth. That Hall of Fame started with Jiri Jindra/CZ followed by Vladimir Malyshkov/Russia, Ross Davies/UK, Hanon Barabaner/Estonia, Mikhail Fedorov/Russia, Robert Aumann/Israel, Klaus Toepfer/Germany, Romano Prodi/ Italy, Leon Wegnez/Belgium, John Stanton/USA and Philip Alexander Nobel as a promotor of the Astana Economic Forum.

For 2018 Prof.Dr.B.Hallier appointed Prof.Dr.P.Bielik : "Peter Bielik from Nitra/Slovakia is ERA's special Personality not only for creating in Nitra a knowledge-hub for agriculture but also for transforming his international visions to the realization of the Visegrad University Association and the establishment of a VUA Youth Forum." (more at Link Hall of Fame) -"Peter Bielik will be also of great value for our new global Thematic University Network (TUN) - LINK - from farm to fork" Hallier stated at the proclamation.

02.12.2017 : Riga

Riga/ Latvia has a historical role in the Baltic Sea. In 2014 it had been the European Cultural Capital. - Old Riga with its historical HQ of the Schwarzhaeupter Guilde from the times of the Hanse-Trading-Pact is UNESCO World Heritage since 1998 : encluding also Riga's Central Market which is Europe's largest bazaar being constructed in the 20ties century.

The revitalization of the Baltics in the Post-Soviet time is driven by the Scientific Institution "Business Competence Centre" together with the ISMA University within a Trio of Conferences. Prof.Dr.Hallier was speaking at all of these events - see more also at www.european-retail-academy.org/EUCVOT and www.european-retail-academy.org/ERM .

25.11.2017 : New Central Europe

Romania organized in Targoviste the SCM 4 ECR Conference addressing topics like Digital Supply Chain and Consumer Engagement as well as Future Value Chain - Rethinking Networks through Omni-Channel for Consumers ; at the photo ERA's longstanding friend from RAU/Bucharest Prof.Dr.Theodor Purcarea together with Ruediger Hagedorn from the Cosumers Goods Forum. Also presenting at SCM 4 ECR was Matei Purcarea - "a good benchmark for the young academic generation !" Prof.Hallier claims.

SCM 4 ECR was already initiated in 1996 . In 2017 the organization partners had been the Valahia University, Czestochowa University, Romanian American University, Politehnica University Bucharest, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Pitesti University, UPC Ploiesti, the Consumer Goods Forum and E2E Paris ( see also Link www.european-retail-academy.org/EUCVOT )

15.11.2017 : CZ Retail Summit

The CZ Retail Summit is the biggest conference player for trade within all Central Europe. It is linking retail/wholesale, politicians and research . The program is available by Barbora.Krasna@blueevents.eu .

For Prof.Dr.B.Hallier the Prague Retail summit is a "Lighthouse for the Transformation from Socialism to Market Economy". The topic "Balance" could be understood according to him as a topic for the Sector from farm to fork (Total Supply Chain) but also in global macro-economics as an add-on of Ecology and Ethics to Economics. Hallier was honored in 2011 by VSE Prague (YouTube) .

7.11.2017 : Selamat Datang II

Since 1983 the Asian Pacific Retailers Association is organizing bi-annually a three-days Congress/Exhibition under the logo of APRCE. While APRCE 2015 was hosted by the Philippines in Manila - APREC 2017 was in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia : "Selamat Dantang -Welcome". APREC 2019's destination will be China.

"The topic of the Conference -Transformation, Creativity & Beyond"- reflects very well that we live in a permanent changing world and that retail is not just selling products but that retail concepts have also to reflect social values and are benchmarked by Economics, Ecology and Ethics as a triangle of parameters" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier said visiting APREC.

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